Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani saying that she has decided to reside in Raghu’s house with everyone else. Raghu says don’t take any tension, I will make them understand. Think about Daaju, can’t you live without him. When he comes to know the truth, he will come to take you. Shivani asks, When will that day come? She tells Raghu, not to give her false hopes as she has lost every hope. Baburaam picks Raghu’s mobile as Daaju called on his mobile. Daaju asks Baburaam to give the call to Raghu, Baburaam says he went outside and asks him to give the message. Daaju says, tell Raghu that I came to know the truth, I came to know that their marriage was a compromise. I am coming to take Shivani. Baburaam is shocked and doesn’t reply. Meanwhile Mahima and Jazz

are tensed to think what will happen if Dadaji comes to know the truth. Baburaam calls Mahima from Raghu’s phone. Baburaam tells her that Ranaji called on Raghu’s number and said he is coming to take his grand daughter. Mahima tells Jazz about it. Mahima asks him to do something. Baburaam negotiates with Mahima and asks for money. Mahima asks what you have thought? Baburaam says I will send them on a honeymoom and when they will not be at home then how will Ranaji take her. Mahima says ok and says don’t worry about money. Baburaam laughs.

Raghu is in thoughts, Shivani asks Raghu to tell his family that she won’t go anywhere, she will live here. Maa comes and says she don’t want her to stay here without her wish. She tells Raghu to go with babyji from the kitchen door. Raghu says he will make Bapu understand. Baburaam comes and shouts for Raghu. He says Ranaji’s goons are coming to kill you. Take babyji and go. Raghu says Malik saa can’t do like this. Baburaam says he is saying the truth and asks him to take Shivani with him. Shivani says Daaju can’t do this and says she will call panna tai and confirm. She calls Panna tai and asks her whether Daaju sent the goons. Panna tai keep mum and thinks that Dadaji sent the goons the previous time. Shivani asks her to tell the truth. Panna tai says last time Malik saa was about to send the goons and I stopped him. When Raghu came here, that day Malik saa pointed out the gun on Raghu. Shivani is shocked and thinks why is Daaju doing like this. She says she will go and talk to Daaju now. Baburaam says I request you to save Raghu, I love him so much, if anything happens to him then I will die. He starts begging for Raghu’s life. Shivani agrees. He asks them to go to Jaipur and says he had made all arrangements. He asks his wife to pack their bags fast. Baburaam tells her that I won’t forget that you are saving my Raghu’s life.

Daaju tells Panna tai to clean Shivani’s room and asks her to prepare shivani’s favourite dishes. Doctor asks him to have patience and don’t forget that you are a heart patience. Daaju feels happy and says he can’t hold on his emotions. He tells Panna tai that he did a mistake and will repent for his mistakes. Panna tai says babyji called sometime back and she says you sent some goons to kill Raghu. Daaju is shocked. Daaju thinks Abhimanyu did it and says this time he will send him to jail. He says don’t worry, I am going to take her back. I will clear all misunderstandings and she will be back.

Maya is keeping an eye on the door for the goons. Bella says if the goons comes, then she will kill them. Shivani says she don’t know how can Daaju do this. He can’t change. Maa asks them to go fast. Baburaam comes and give the car keys and asks Raghu to go. He says he will see the goons. He asks for Shivani and Raghu’s mobile phone as Ranaji can get the info about them. Maya says give your phones to Babuji else Ranaji can track them. Maa asks them to take care of each other.

Raghu and Shivani are sitting at the Dhaba. Raghu was drinking milk, Shivani laughs to see the white traces above the lips. He asks her to wipe her face. Shivani sees herself with the milk traces on her lips and laughs. She says let it remain on my face.

Baburaam comes to Ranaji/Daaju and tells him that your grand daughter said she won’t return to you. He informs him that they went on a honeymoom. Daaju is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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