Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani trying to comb her hair after bath. She could not as they are very strangled. Raghu comes and sees that. Shivani sees him and asks him to help him comb the hair. He says how can he. She asks him not to think much and gives him comb to clear the strangles. Raghu combs her hair. She gets happy. Do dil bandhe…. song plays in the background. She asks he wanted to speak to her and what is it. He asks her to deny sitting in pooja with him. Shivani gets sad hearing that. She says she will do as he says but asks him to wipe the sindhoor from her forehead and take away the mangalsutra. Raghu says he cannot do that. She says he cannot do it as the sindhoor and mangalsutra she is wearing is of his name, these are the signs that she is his wife. She says she can stop living, but cannot stop being his wife, never. Raghu does not say anything and goes from there. Shivani thinks why is he troubling himself by hiding his love because of the society. She knows one day his heart will also melt in front of her love. Sumitra sees her standing near the door.

Mahima is worried about the budget. Jazz is drinking alcohol. He asks maid to bring some snacks. Mahima gets angry, she breaks the glass and starts scolding him. She asks him to bring the money, else she will feed him the broken glass. She asks him to go and find a job.

Everybody are having pakodas. Sumitra says she cannot have pakodas as she is fasting for Raghu. Latha gives pakodas to Raghu. Shivani says Latha that she is fasting and asks what to do for the pooja. Bela comes. Shivani gets happy seeing her. Nishi hugs Shivani and says she missed her a lot, even she says she missed her. Bela hugs Latha and asks how is she. Latha says she is alright now as she came back. Maya asks why did they come back within 1 day. Latha says she asked her to come here, it is her house and Bela can come any time. Raghu asks Vivek to tell Maya not to talk rubbish. Roopesh asks Raghu to calm down. Sumitra gets angry seeing that.

Shivani wants to prepare pooja prasad. She gets drowsy due to weakness. Sumitra taunts Shivani. Maya comes and says Sumitra that even she is fasting. Sumitra says it is her shraddha that she is not tired. Shivani says it looks like she is more interested in her than fasting. She says she can die for Raghu. Bela asks Shivani if she can call her Bhabhi. Shivani gets happy and asks says she will be very happy to hear that. Maya taunts Bela that it is good she is calling Shivani bhabhiji as she will have to call Sumitra bhabiji soon. She asks Sumitra not to be too happy. She thought Bela and Shivani will separate if Bela is kicked out of house, but they are coming more closer.

Sumitra goes to Raghu and says Shivani is happy with Bela. She says the happiness will soon vanish.
She says she is living on false hopes and he gave her these hopes. She asks him not to sit in pooja with Shivani as she will be shattered when her dreams fail. Raghu says he cannot do that now as pooja preparations have already been done. Sumitra says if he denies now, she will feel less pan than when he gets her out of his house. He should should not sit in pooja with her, rest his decision.

Raghu remembers Sumitra’s words and thinks she is right. He writes Shivani a letter that he cannot sit with her for pooja as he is not her husband.

Shvani is carrying egg shells. Sumitra makes Shivani fall. The shells fall on guests and they get angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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