Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Daaju feeling bad and uneasiness, Jazz and Mahima comes to console him. Daaju says he is guilty of Shivani. Doctor says you planned Shivani’s future but you have failed. Daaju says he didn’t fail and he will write Shivani’s future. Raghu tells Shivani that it would be good for you if you shift to hotel. Shivani agrees and says if your family is fine with it. then its ok. Raghu says till malik saa come to take you back, you will be there. Shivani calls Raghu as jaadogar and asks him to promise that everything will be fine as before. Raghu says it will be done, have patience. While Raghu and Shivani is leaving, maa says she has prepared the pasta, and asks Shivani to taste it. Raghu replies that babyji can’t eat as she is going

to live in hotel. Maa is shocked.

Gini says they are taking care of Shivani very well and she will get whatever she wants.Bella tells her that she will give new sarees which she didn’t wear and says till when you will stay at hotel. Raghu says that babyji will come not back and will go to haveli directly from the hotel. Shivani says my marriage with Raghu is a drama as I doesn’t wanted to marry Abhi. She tells everything to the family members which are shown in flashbacks. Raghu says babyji will return once malik saa anger gets down. shivani says she never wanted to hurt anyone. Raghu’s family says marriage is not a drama. Raghu says babyji will go to her haveli from the hotel. Baburaam comes and says nobody will leave anywhere. Raghu asks you did the booking naa? Baburaam says but you won’t leave. He asks Bella to take Shivani inside her room and says his daughter in law will stay at his home. Raghu asks him not to force Shivani to stay back as Shivani is just a guest. Baburaam says nobody brings guests to home. Maa says your father is right, you can’t change the ritual. Bella talks about the sindoor and Mangalsutra. Raghu says he can’t think of babyji as his wife. It is like a sin for him. He tells his father that he already told him not to showcase about his marriage. Baburaam asks why you didn’t tell me then and says it is a matter of my prestige. Raghu says he don’t want to listen anymore and babyji is leaving now. Baburaam says he is the owner of the house and threatens Raghu saying it is his order that Shivani won’t go anywhere. Shivani is tensed and so is Raghu. Raghu asks Shivani to come but Baburaam stops her. Shivani says please don’t fight because of me. She says it was her helplessness and not selfishness. She apologizes to everyone with folded hands and cries. Raghu says you don’t need to say sorry to anyone. Maa gets tears in her eyes. Baburaam smiles and thinks he can’t let the golden bird fly from his cage.

Jazz tells Doctor uncle that it is not easy to bring Shivani as Raghu might not give her divorce. Doctor says Raghu helped Shivani and he will give her divorce. Jazz says what will people say about it. Daaju says he don’t think about other’s thinking and will bring back Shivani. He says he made a big plan. Jazz tells Mahima, what if Shivani tells the truth to Daaju. Mahima says she have to think about the solution. Daaju says Shivani will be back and feels happy. Doctor asks him to call Shivani and talk to her. Daaju says she tried to save my home and I had thrown her out of the house. He says he will go and hug her. Doctor says ok, but atleast inform Raghu that you are coming to take Shivani.

Shivani is in her room crying, Raghu comes and is about to say. Shivani says she doesn’t know that you will be in problem because of my one mistake. She says everyone here is so good but because of me, they fights with you. Raghu asks her not to think anything as his father is scared of the neighbours. Shivani says if I can save your family prestige by staying here then I won’t leave from here. I will stay with everyone here.

Baburaam comes and tells Raghu to take Shivani with him and leave as Ranaji’s goons are coming to kill him. Raghu, Shivani and maa are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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