Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahima telling Aunty that their poverty days will be gone in a few mins. She says, we will go on a shopping. Aunty says, will you buy everything for you. Mahima says, I have decided what to buy for you. Jazz calls Mahima and tells that Raghu reached before him and took the money. Mahima is shocked. She asks, how did he know about our plan. Jazz says, don’t know but if this continues then we will remain poor. Mahima tells Aunty that Raghu took the money. She says, what we will answer if Raghu questions us or tells anything to Shivani. She says, no one can save us now. Aunty says, I have an idea. If Raghu tells anything to Shivani then we will tell Shivani that we have to took this step because of Jazz’s playing habit. Mahima says, how can we put a blame on Jazz. He is my husband. Aunty says, Shivani will be upset with him for some days but later she will forgive him. Mahima agrees with her.

Raghu comes home with a bag. Mahima wonders that the money might be in the bag. Mahima thinks to do something. Servant asks Raghu to give the bag to him. Raghu says, it has something important. I will keep it. Shivani stares at the bag and wonders what Raghu brought. Mahima asks Shivani to come with her. But Shivani says 1 min and goes to Raghu. She asks Raghu, what you are hiding in the bag? Raghu says, it has some important things of mine. Shivani says, when I didn’t see last time, I was not aware that you hided Daaju’s will in your almara. She says, I want to see what is inside the bag? She asks for the bag. Raghu gives it. Mahima and Aunty are worried. Shivani opens the bag and finds the clothes. Raghu vir plays……Raghu says, it is samples of the company. I took it here as tomorrow have to deliver it at the factory. Mahima and Aunty take a sigh of relief.

Mahima says, I thought there might be money in the bag but where is the money? Panna tai tells Raghu that you betrayed babyji and asks her to tell this to Shivani. Raghu says no. He says, it is good atleast Maliksaa’s money got saved from them. Raghu says, babyji will hate me for this but I don’t have any option than this. This money is saved with me. Mahima sees Raghu keeping the money in the locker. Lata is packing Shivani’s stuff to send it to haveli. Bella says I will do it. Lata says, I am very sad with whatever happened with Raghu but I won’t blame Shivani as she is manipulated by her family. Lata says, Shivani took a lot of effort to bring Rupesh home. Rupesh comes and praises Shivani. Rupesh tells Bella that he will go to the haveli with the things. Lata says Vivek will take it. Rupesh says, I don’t have any problem. Vivek comes. Lata says nothing. She says ok, I will prepare something for you. Lata asks him, what he wants to eat. Rupesh says, he wants to eat matar pulao and paneer kofte. Maya is angry with him.

Bella tells him that Paneer and Matar are costly. Vivek says, I didn’t get this month’s salary until now. Rupesh says, I will bring Paneer and Matar. Lata hesitantly agrees. Maya gets happy now. Shivani is talking on phone, she sees a pigeon ‘s leg entangled by a thread. Raghu comes and asks what happened? Shivani says, thread is caught in its leg. Raghu takes out the thread carefully…Do dil bandhe plays……..Raghu keeps the pigeon on the ground. Shivani says, why the pigeon is not flying. Raghu says, it might be scared. Raghu says, we will try to make it fly. Raghu holds the pigeon and Shivani touches it. They make it fly. Shivani and Raghu smiles. Shivani says, you make it fine. You are really a jaadugar/magician. Do dil bandhe plays……..and they have an eyelock.

Aunty makes a plan to steal the money from the locker. Mahima asks Jazz to keep an eye at the door as they are entering the room. Panna tai is coming from the other way. Jazz is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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