Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sumitra telling Shivani that she will get bail for Vivek, no matter how much she tries. Latha asks Sumitra if she will get Vivek freed. Sumitra says Karan has spoken to his lawyer. Karan says Sumitra told how Vivek is trapped. He will go to lawyer’s office and get Vivek bailed. Shivani says Karan that Vivek is a culprit and he should not go to bail him. Karan says she must be misunderstood and says Vivek is her family member. Shivani says Karan that he did not see the girl’s parent’s pain, how they were crying, if they do not get justice, their daughter’s soul will not get a relief. Sumitra says Shivani you are worried about the family whom she does not know and not thinking of the family who helped her, kept her under their roof. She asks her to look at Latha and her pain. Shivani says Vivek is in jail because of his mistakes. Sumitra says she will get Vivek freed whatever happens. Shivani takes papers from Sumitra and says Vivek made and mistake and should be punished. She tears the papers. Everybody shockingly sees that. Karan asks what is she doing. Shivani says it is not a matter of any family, it is a matter of mistake by Vivek, so he should be punished. Karan asks Vivek to give a last chance. Shivani asks to tell it to girl’s parents. She says if he respects her, he will not help Vivek. Karan agrees and goes from there.

Baburam scolds Shivani says she made a history today. He says Latha that she was believing babyji that she will free Vivek, but it was just her drama, she is a big enemy of our family. Latha also backs Baburam and says if it was in her hands, she would have kicked Shivani out. Nothing is important than her kids to her, she is sure Vivek cannot do any mistake. He will spend whole night in jail because of her. She says she jailed even Raghu once and says she crossed all the barriers. Maya asks Shivani what did her husband do to her, she is lying. She says Vivek is in jail because of her and will not forgive her. She should be punished. Sumitra says Maya is telling right and says Shivani betrayed this family. Shivani says she did not betray anyone, she is fight for that girl’s justice. She asks Latha if one of our family member would have been killed due to fake medicine, would she have forgiven the culprit. Latha asks her to shut up and says she is troubling her family and her. She says she repents the day when Raghu worked for Maliksaa. If he would not have worked for him, Shivani would not have coeme to her house. Everybody leaves from there. Sumitra gives evil smile and goes. Shivani starts crying profusely.

Sumitra takes her daaju’s picture and cries hugging it. She says why is it difficult to walk on a true path. It was easy for her to get Vivek freed, but it was not a right decision, girl’s parents would not have forgiven her. She cannot forgo someone’s pain for her family. She gets SMS from Raghu which says his work will finish tomorrow and he will come soon. He asks if she needs something from Ahmedabad. She SMSes she does not need anything and asks him to come soon as she is missing him. She thinks it is a matter of 2-3 days, she should be strong enough to face the consequences.

Inspector tortures Vivek saying he took away an innocent girl’s life. Latha gets up from sleep and says she wants to go and meet Vivek as police must be beating him. Baburam says it is midnight and cannot go now. He says let Raghu comes, he will get Vivek freed.

Sumitra starts acting and tries to console Maya and asks her to eat something. She then goes to Latha and says she understands her pain and asks her to be courageous and asks Maya to eat something. Shivani comes with food and asks Maya to eat. Maya throws the food and asks her not to show off like caring her. She says she will die, but will not eat from her hands. She says you thinks only about for this house. She asks her to go from there. Shvivani asks her to listen her. Sumitra asks Shivani not to trouble Maya with her acting. Shivani says she is not acting. She asks Latha to listen to her and believe. Latha says she does not know why she has kept her in her house till now.

Precap: Latha says Shivani once Vivek is released, she will not see her face again.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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