Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Abhi getting angry and saying everything is ruined and Mahima and Jazz will take over all the property. He calls Raghu and says he wants to talk something about Shivani. And says according to the original will of Dadaji, everything is in Shivani’s name. Mahima and Jazz have the fake will and they want to acquire the property. Raghu thinks he is betraying them and says you must have some plan in your mind. He asks Abhi to stay away from Shivani and him else it would not be good. Abhi requests him to listen to him. Shivani looks for the blanket and opens the cupboard to get it. The envelope containing the original will falls on the ground.

Shivani looks at the swinger while the music plays. Raghu comes with the blanket. Shivani praises the palki/swinger and says you might have brought to gift to Sumitra. Raghu recalls purchasing it for her. Raghu says I will keep it. Shivani looks at the envelope on the floor while Raghu recalls Baburaam giving it to him for safe keeping. Raghu says it is tempo’s insurance papers and bapu asked me to keep it. He asks her to sleep. Shivani steps out of her room and a glass falls from her hands. Raghu wakes up shockingly and says I can’t let you go. Raghu says he was sleeping here to keep an eye on her. Shivani says she won’t go anywhere. Raghu asks her to promise that she will not go anywhere while the title song plays in the BG. Shivani holds his hand and promises him. Raghu and Shivani looks at each other.

Shivani says, in these two days she came to know the truth of life. She says she is sure that she can’t get love anywhere else other than in this home. No one cares for me like you do. I also know you must be worried after I went and I don’t want to trouble you any longer. You don’t need to sleep her. Raghu says ok, I will get water for you. Raghu calls the company and asks whether he can come today for the interview. he is being told that the vacancy is full. He gets sad. Lata asks, what is the matter? Raghu says he couldn’t attend the interview yesterday and today the vacancy is full. He says he needs a job soon and will try to get it.

Mahima gives money to someone and asks him to do as she said. She tells Jazz that he is private investigator. Jazz asks, what is the matter? Mahima says Abhi is clever and can bite them. She says Abhi might be lying. Jazz says but why he will do that. Mahima says they need to find out about the original will. If Raghu and Shivani gets to know about it then they will come on streets. She says, if Parimal uncle is alive or he might have the will papers. She asks Jazz to keep an eye on Abhi.

Gini tries to put the towel on the rope. she can’t do it. Shivani laughs seeing her struggle. Gini goes to get the stool. Meanwhile Shivani tries but fails. Raghu sees her, and says he will do it. Shivani says please let me do. Shivani asks for his help. Raghu says hojayega babyji. Raghu sits down and bends like a horse. Shivani steps on him and puts the towel on the rope. She smiles as she find it interesting. she puts the other clothes also for soaking. but the third time she falls down. Raghu gets up and gives her a helping hand so that she can get up. Shivani stares at him and both of them have an eye lock. Raghu and Shivani feels uncomfortable. Raghu gives dupatta and she wears it.

Gini brings 2 kgs rice and says it is 40 Rs per kg. Lata says, why you bought the costly rice as we have shortage of money. Shivani looks at her. Raghu sees an advertisement for job and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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