Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Maya telling Sumitra that he and Vivek replaced fake medicines. The person who told them to replace the medicines told fake medicines have only powder, but they did not know someone would die due to fake medicines. Sumitra thinks Maya gave her life to her. She hugs Maya and says she will try to free Vivek somehow.

Shivani calls Parimal lawyer and infoms him about Vivek’s arrest. She says Vivek cannot do this. Parimal says he will go to police station with bail papers and will free Vivek. Shivani informs this to Latha and asks her not to worry and thinking will happen to Vivek. She asks her to take care of herself until she brings Vivek back and goes from there.

Sumitra thinks if Shivani is successful in freeing Vivek, she will become god to this house, she will not let this happen and will sacrifice Vivek in her fight with Shivani. She goes to the hospital and meet’s dead girl’s parents. She says she is a social worker and is sad to hear about their kid’s dead. She says how can they keep quiet without punishing the culprit. They should fight at least for their daughter if not anyone else. She says she can understand their pain and she went to police station after hearing the news and found that police arrested the person who replaced fake medicines. She asks them to go to police station file a complaint against that person. Girl’s parents leave to the police station. Sumitra gives evil smile and thinks she will see how Shivani will release Vivek.

Parimal lawyer gives bail papers to inspector and asks him to release Vivek. Inspector says he should be ashamed to bring bail papers of a person who killed a girl. He says he has evidence and will not leave Vivek until he gets punished. Girl’s parents come and plead not to leave Vivek as he killed their daughter. Inspector assures them that their culprit is behind bars and will not leave him until he is punished. Girl’s mother goes and starts scolding Vivek holding his collar. Shivani rescues Vivek and says girl’s parents that Vivek cannot do this. Parimal says without hearing, nobody can be called guilty. Inspector shows Parimal video where Vivek replaces fake medicines with original ones. Shivani and Parimal are shocked to see that. He asks Parimal even now if he belives Vivek is not culprit. Girl’s father says even if Vivek is released, he will kill him and get hanged happily. Shivani asks Vivek what is all this, why did he do this, she cannot believe even now that he can do this. She asks him to tell the truth if he has a bit of humanity. Vivek shouts and says he made a mistake, he replaced the medicines for money to buy a new house. He says he did not know that someone will die because of his mistake, which he did unknowingly. Shivani asks how can he do this for money, did not he feel ashamed of himself, a girl got killed because of him. Inspector asks Vivek even now if she wants to release Vivek after knowing the truth. She says no.

Shivani comes out of police station sadly and gets into Parimal’s car. Sumitra comes in auto and finds Shivani going without Vivek. She gets happy. She calls someone and says she has important work with him.

Shivani reaches home. Latha asks where is Vivek. Bela and Baburam ask where is Vivek. Shivani says she does not know how to tell the truth, but Vivek is behind the bars. She says asked inspector not to give bail to Vivek as he is responsible for girl’s death. Latha slaps Shivani and says Vivek cannot take anyone’s life. Shivani says even she used to believe the same, but she saw evidence of CCTV footage in which Vivek is replacing fake medicines with orignal ones. Bela says evidence must be fabricated one. Baburam says Shivani that she is enemy of him and his house. Shivani says she herself went to police station to free Vivek, but when she saw evidence and girl’s mother crying, she could not give the bail.

Shivani comes with Karan and says Shivani that how can she think someone from this house will do wrong, she believes Vivek. She says she asked Karan to prepare bail papers and will free Vivek anyhow.

Precap: Shivani takes bail papers from Karan and tears them saying Vivek is culprit and should not be freed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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