Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu coming home with Shivani. Nishi gets happy seeing her. Gini rushes inside and tells Lata that babyji came. Nishi takes her inside. Baburaam sees her and asks Raghu, you brought her again. Raghu stops him and asks Shivani to go to her room. Shivani goes inside the room. Raghu asks Nishi to go inside and tells everyone that he brought her home as she is his responsibility. and no one should spend money on her. Baburaam says we need to repay the loan in four weeks. Raghu says he knows and asks them not to speak about property or money as she didn’t know that they are aware of the truth. Lata comes to Shivani’s room and gives water to drink. Lata says she was worried since the time she left home.

Shivani recalls about the treatment she got at Sunanda’s home and gets tears in her eyes. Lata asks, what happened to you? Did someone said anything to you? Shivani holds her hand and says she was thinking of their care towards her and at her friend’s home she was ill treated. She tells everything in flashback. Raghu comes and hears everything. He asks why you didn’t tell me anything. How could they do this with you? This is not the way. Shivani asks him not to get angry as it had happened already. She gets Meghna’s call. Raghu picks the call and tells Meghna, why you didn’t tell me when your mother didn’t like her staying at your home. Shivani takes the call and says sorry. She says she met Raghu at the office. Meghna says your marriage is fake but Raghu cares you a lot and the real husband also didn’t care as Raghu do. Shivani disconnects the call. Lata asks her to freshen up and she will serve the food.

Abhi comes to Jazz and gives the fake “will” and says this is the original “will”. Jazz asks Mr. gupta to check the authencity of the will. He checks the papers and says it have Balwant’s duplicate sign. Mahima asks Gupta to leave and bashes Abhi for cheating them. Jazz asks, how dare you give us duplicate will. Abhi says he misplaced the original will. Jazz says you were threatening us on the basis of the will and throws the papers on his face. Mahima asks him to leave.

Vivek asks how will Raghu bhaiyya take care of home and Shivani. Maya says they will not spend a penny. Lata says Raghu will manage everything. Baburaam says Rana saheb gave the responsibility and not the wealth. Shivani comes and seeing her Baburaam leaves. Vivek and Maya too leaves. Bella takes Nishi and leaves followed by Gini. Shivani asks Raghu, why they left the food after her arrival. Raghu says everyone are upset with you as you left the house without informing us. Shivani says she hurt everything and says she will not have food. Shivani goes inside. Raghu tells Lata that he will make her eat the food and takes the food in the room. Lata is feeling bad. Raghu asks her to eat the food, Shivani refuses. Raghu says, ok and says you will get ill if you don’t eat and everyone will get worried if you go to the hospital. Shivani agrees. Raghu says their anger will go soon.

She takes the food bite. Raghu says sorry for talking to her in a high tone. He says, when you left I thought I lost everything. Shivani asks, what? Raghu says he was talking about the promise he made to Maliksaa. Shivani asks him to have food as she came back. Raghu says, how can I eat with you. She commands him to sit and eat silently. Raghu sits on the other side of bed and shivani gives him the food to eat while the do dil bandhe song plays in the BG. Raghu takes it hesitantly. Shivani looks at him smilingly.

Abhi calls Raghu and tells him that Mahima and Jazz made a fake will to acquire the property and according to the original will of Daaju, property is in his and Shivani’s name. Raghu is surprised to know this..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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