Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 20th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Maya telling Vivek that Bella falls in the swimming pool. Raghu comes and hears it. Maya says we somehow took her out and manager comes and scolded her. Everyone laughed at her. She was scared but when Abhi tries to misbehave with babyji. Bella slaps him hard. Raghu asks, what are you saying? Maya says I am telling truth and tells everything. Bella comes, Raghu asks her, are you fine? Bella says I am fine, you don’t worry. Raghu says Abhimanyu….Bella says he got punishment for his doing. I slapped him hard. Raghu says I should not have left the place. Bella asks him not to worry. Abhi is sitting in the club and drinking wine. He recalls the slap meted to him by Bella. He says I won’t forget this slap and will answer it soon.

Mahima tells Jazz that we have to pack our stuff and all the drama have gone waste. She says even Shivani couldn’t help us. Jazz says, Raghu is after us. Mahima brings soaps and toothpaste and says we don’t have money to buy it. Jazz says, we have packed our things. Auntyji says, you want to come to my home. Aunty hesitates to take them home but agrees. She thinks they are new trouble for her without any profit. Raghu wonders why Abhi met Shivani and what does he want? Shivani takes Pillow and mat and goes outside the room. She places the mat outside and keep the pillow to sleep. Raghu comes and asks, what are you doing here?

Shivani says, I will be on street if my family is sleeping on the street. Raghu asks her to come inside. Shivani says, if you don’t care for my family’s respect then I also doesn’t care about your respect. She asks Raghu to give the bedsheet. Both of them are snatching the bedsheet from other each, Shivani falls. Raghu gives his hand but Shivani didn’t hold his hand. Raghu can’t see her in pain and holds her in his arms….Do dil bandhe plays….Shivani asks,what are you doing? Raghu says I can’t leave you here. Raghu takes her inside the room. Raghu says, I will do something and massages it. Shivani holds his hand in pain.

Shivani step out of bed, Raghu says you can’t go anywhere until you are fine. Shivani says I will punish myself until you change your decision. Raghu explains that I am doing this for your betterment. Shivani cries. Raghu asks her not to cry. Shivani says I can’t do anything for my brother and sister in law. Raghu asks her to stop crying and says I will not send them out of haveli and will do as you says. Shivani stops crying. Raghu leaves.

Mahima looks at the haveli for the last time. Jazz says I won’t spare Raghu. Aunty thinks they are burden to me. Jazz says, let’s go aunty to your home. Raghu comes there. Mahima asks, did you come to see us going from our home. Raghu says he wanted to see but says you can stay here because of Shivani. He asks them not to take advantage of Shivani. Mahima asks for the keys. Raghu gives the keys to Panna tai and says this haveli’s responsibility is yours now. You have to take care of haveli and the things and inform me if you see something unusual. Aunty thanks Raghu. Raghu says I am worried because you all are there. He leaves….Raghu vir…plays….

Mahima tells Jazz that Raghu will do as Shivani says. Jazz says Shivani should be with us. Lata and Bella wishes Happy birthday to Nishi. Vivek and Maya too wishes her. Bella says I will get you ready to go to school. Baburaam comes and wishes her. Raghu comes and gives her caramel toffees. Shivani wishes her. Nishi says to Bella, shall I invite my friends for party.Bella is tensed. Nishi says you didn’t celebrate my birthday even once. What I will do if my friends ask for party.

Lata asks Raghu, from where you will get money for party. Raghu says I will do something and says I will decorate the house and manage for food..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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