Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu’s sister Gini telling Maya that it seems Babyji listened everything. Maya asks Shivani to forget everything whatever she had heard. She says that man is mental and that girl is mad and treatment is going on. She says she had an affair and that’s why they didn’t let Raghu married her. She says shaamsundar is jealous of you, Gini says he is jealous of your beauty. Maya says they told much to Shaam sundar today. Meanwhile Shivani is in thoughts.

Raghu asks his brother and elder sister, Why they said bad about Sumitra. His sister says they can’t listen anything bad about him. His brother says you also got angry after listening about your wife babyji. Raghu says She is not his wife. Everyone are shocked. She comes to him

and asks what he told just now. Raghu says he was saying the truth.

Raghu tells that Shivani is not his wife. Raghu’s mom asks him whether he didn’t fill her forehead with sindoor and didn’t he took the pheras with Shivani says yes but… His sister asks how you got married to her. She says Shaam sundar and neighbours are jealous of him and why he is lying. Raghu says he is saying the truth. His mom asks what are you talking about. What will Shivani thinks if she hears anything.

Lawyer comes and tells Abhimanyu that Daju’s “will” will be valid only after his death. He can change his will until he is alive. Abhi asks what if he don’t change his will. Mahima comes and says in that case, everything will be on Raghu’s name. She asks the lawyer to leave as they need to talk to Abhi. Jazz tells Abhi that his plan was not a success and therefore it is better if he joins them. Jazz says we want dadaji’s property and you too. Lets work on it. Mahima asks him to decide what he wants to do. She says may be Dadaji will give you shivani’s property. Abhi is in thoughts.

Abhi asks what he have to do? Mahima says you have to convince Dadaji to change his will. She gives him the new will and says according to this, we three will get the property equally. Raghu comes to his room and says Babyji. He asks her not to take any tension and he will handle everything. Shivani gets up and slaps him hard. She asks Raghu, what you think of yourself? You are my lord, my bhagwan. What you did to that girl. why you didn’t tell me about your engagement. She asks him to reply. She says because of me, her life is spoiled. She says she fell in her eyes. She cries. Raghu says whatever happened is not your fault. How could he let malik saa ruined. He says he can’t see his happiness at the cost of his boss misery. He says it was his duty. Shivani asks him to stop.

She asks whether a servant is not a human, his happiness don’t matter. she says she married him because of Abhimanyu but now she has done a mistake and became selfish infront of them. She cries badly. Raghu looks helpless. Raghu forward his hand to stop her from crying but stops. Shivani says how will she give that girl her rights? she says how she will bring the happiness in this house? She asks how? Maya says she made Shivani understand everything. Raghu’s father get angry and says how dare Shaamsundar raised his hand on my son. Raghu’s mom asks him to calm but he says he will not spare Shaam sundar today. Raghu’s father Baburaam says he won’t spare him. Bella says what will Shivani think of him as he is a goon like Shaam sundar. Baburaam calm down. He says he will make Shivani understand. She says Raghu is talking to shivani but Baburaam says he will go and talk to Shivani. He asks Bella to prepare roti and butter for Shivani. Shivani says she can’t ruin his life. Baburaam comes and says bahu rani. He asks are you crying and gets angry at Raghu. Baburaam says don’t take that Shaam sundar words on your heart. They are selfish people. he says Sumitra wanted to trap Raghu but he was safe.

He praises Raghu. Raghu asks him to go but Baburaam says he is making Shivani understand everything. He starts badmouthing about Sumitra, Raghu loses his cool and asks him to leave. Raghu’s mom tells her husband to come along with her and let Raghu talk with her. Raghu’s father tells Raghu if he make his daughter in law cry then he won’t spare him.

Raghu tells Shivani not to worry as he talked to Sumitra. Please dont take any tension and dont cry. He says Malik saa always make you happy. Shivani says ok, she won’t cry. She says she wants to meet Sumitra and will say sorry. She wants to tell her that he is just helping her. Raghu says he will handle everything and asks her to go home happily. Shivani says she called Jazz and Mahima but they aren’t picking her calls. she says what if Daju won’t agree to them. What will happen to me then. Raghu asks her not to worry and he will talk to Jazz.

Raghu calls Mahima. Mahima asks him about Shivani. Just then Raghu overhears Abhi talking to someone on the phone and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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