Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani waiting for Raghu for the breakfast, Raghu’s sisters asks her to have breakfast and not wait for Raghu. Maa asks her to eat food and not to feel shy. She says I will make you eat with my own hands. She makes her eat with her hands. Gini says baby ji had eaten the food made at their home. Maya asks her husband to get cold water from the fridge. Raghu’s dad says he brought mineral water and says she will drink this water from today. Shivani feels the food spicy as she had never eaten spicy food before. Raghu’s dad says he will get the food from outside. Raghu’s sister asks their mom why she prepared spicy food as baby ji is not used to eat spicy food. Shivani feels they are very loving and caring people and thinks that her

Daju used to take care of her in a similar way.

Mahima tells Jazz that she will call the lawyer and not Shivani. She calls the lawyer and says Dadaji wants to make a new ” Will” and he is naming all the property on me and Jazz’s name. Laywer asks her what about Shivani. She says Dadaji is angry with her and is disowning her. She asks him to come home. After disconnecting the call, She tells Jazz that she will take Dadaji’s signatures on the new “will” papers. Jazz asks how she will take his sign? She says Abhimanyu will do this job for them. She says she has a plan.

Jazz gets a call from Shivani, Jazz feels happy that he got a call from Shivani. Mahima comes and disconnects the call. She says don’t be happy and she is the same Shivani, whom Dadaji will disowned from his property. She says poor Shivani and asks Jazz to come along. Shivani then calls on the landline number and Panna tai picks the calls. She asks how are you? Shivani says she is fine, people here are taking care of her very much. She asks for Jazz and Mahima? Panna tai says they went out. Shivani says she wants to talk to Jazz bhaiyya and says she has faith on him that he will make Daju’s anger go away. Panna tai asks her whether she wants to talk to Daju? Shivani says no. Panna tai comes and calls Daju. She says she got a call from baby ji and she asked about him. Daju says why? Did she felt that Raghu’s home is small for her. He says she needed me now. What she got in that small home, she might be suffocating that’s why she is missing this place. He says he misunderstood Raghu and Shivani too misunderstood Raghu. Panna tai says you are thinking wrong. You are a life for Babyji and Raghu didn’t want property at any time. Daju asks her to be in limits as she is speaking infavour of Raghu and Shivani.

Sumitra gets happy to know the truth about Raghu’s marriage to Shivani. Raghu says whatever happened with you is wrong. but I promised you that I will marry you once baby ji gets back to her home. He says do you trust me? Sumitra says she trust him and says in this selfish world, who thinks about others. She tells Raghu not to say sorry and says she has complete faith on him. Sumitra’s father comes there and gets hyper seeing them, some neighbours informs Raghu’s family that there is a fight going on between Raghu and Sumitra’s dad. Shaamsundar tells Raghu, not to come near his daughter. He tells Raghu’s dad that if he sees Raghu again with his daughter then he will kill him. Raghu asks him to calm down and says your anger is right but.. Shaam sundar says he humiliated them infront of the people. Raghu says you are thinking me wrong. Shaam sundar says he married a rich girl for money. Sumitra takes Raghu’s side but Shaam sundar asks her to shut up. Neighbours starts gossiping that Raghu trapped the rich girl and says she will not be with him as she could not live with her Dadaji. Raghu’s sister shouts at the neighbours and asks them to keep quiet. Raghu gets angry when Shaam sundar speaks ill about babyji. Raghu’s brother says to Shaam sundar that you daughter is not good for our brother. Raghu asks him to stay quiet as he is at fault and not Sumitra. Raghu’s mom asks him to come home.

Neighbours tells Shaam sundar to relax as so much drama had happened. Sumitra takes him, while eyeing at Raghu. Shivani is crying and recalling how she called Raghu and how she agreed him to marry her. She recalls how Daju vent his anger on Raghu. She cries and says because of me Raghu’s engagement broke off and he didn’t say anything to me. She asks why you do this Raghu. Why? The episode ends on her sad, teary eyed face.

Raghu asks, his brother and sister, why did they speak bad about Sumitra. His sister replies how can they stay quiet after listening to the accusations. His brother says you got angry naa after listening about your wife babyji. Raghu says Babyji is not his wife, shocking his mom, brother and sister.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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