Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu coming to Shivani’s friend house and enquires about Shivani. He is disappointed to not find Shivani while the title song plays in the BG. Meanwhile Shivani is not feeling well at Meghna’s place. Baburaam comes to the haveli with fruits. He says he thought to meet babyji. Jazz says she is at your place. Baburaam says Raghu left her at your place. Jazz says Raghu must have lied. He asks her to leave. Baburaam asks him not to show his color and says he came to take the money which he spent on Shivani. He says Shivani has 50% right on the property and asks for money. Jazz says Shivani didn’t have anything in this house. She is pennyless and you are pennyless father in law of her. Mahima says Dadaji relieved her from his wealth because she married Raghu. She is on the street like you.

Baburaam gets shocked and the fruit basket falls from his hands. Baburaam says Ranaji can’t do this.You are making me fool. Mahima brings the fake will and shows to Baburaam. She says,according to the will Dadaji named this property on Jazz and my name. Shivani has nothing to do with this wealth. Jazz says we didn’t betray you and Shivani betrayed you. Baburaam says Raghu didn’t tell him anything. Mahima and Jazz tries to manipulate him and says Raghu betrayed you. She asks him to leave else she will get him arrested. Jazz asks him to take the fruits. Baburaam picks it, Mahima smiles at his helplessness. She says he will never come back. Jazz says they lied to the family and Shivani is not there. He wonders where is she? And thinks Raghu and Shivani are planning together.

Shivani is crying, Meghna asks her why she is so upset? Shivani says she is thinking to go from here as she didn’t want to disturb her life. She says my mom is used to taunting and she grown up listening to her taunts. She goes to make coffee for Shivani. Door bell rings, Sunanda asks her to open the door and taunts her. Raghu is waiting for the door to open. Shivani comes to open the door. Raghu gets Panna tai call and he says he couldn’t find babyji and will let her know. Shivani opens the door and sees him talking to Panna tai. Shivani is shocked. She closes the door and tells Meghna that Raghu came here. She says she don’t want to meet him and says don’t tell him I am here. Meghna goes to open the door. Raghu asks about babyji. Meghna says she is not here. Raghu asks, did you talk to her? Meghna lies. Raghu asks her to inform him, if she calls her. Meghna says she don’t know. Raghu gives his number and asks her to call him. Shivani listens everything. Raghu gets disappointed again. Meghna tells Shivani that he is very worried for you. She says she is feeling bad for him. She asks, why she asked her to lie? Shivani says, if I would have meet him. He would agree me and take me home. And I don’t want to create any problems for him and his family. That’s why I didn’t meet him.

Baburaam is breaking Shivani’s stuff and saying he will not have any of babyji’s stuff. Raghu asks, what are you doing? Baburaam says you betrayed us. Lata asks, what? Baburaam says he is hiding a big truth. Maya asks, what is it? Baburaam says that Ranaji relieved Shivani from his haveli and wealth. She didn’t go to haveli and her brother and sister in law have thrown her out of the haveli.

Vivek asks, is this true? Maya asks him to answer. Raghu says everything is true. Baburaam says he got insulted in the haveli by Mahima. Lata asks, why are you upset if babyji didn’t inform us before leaving. She says Maliksaa did so much for us. Baburaam says can’t you see your son’s mistake, he hide the truth. Bella says he is blinded by Shivani and he will give his life for her. She asks, whether she is saying true? Raghu says you are right, I can do anything for her as I have promised Maliksaa that I will take care of babyji until I am alive. I will do everything for her.


Sunanda asks Shivani to help her as her friends are coming for kitty party and her servants are on leave. Shivani says she will take care. Sunanda smirks and is upto some mischief.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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