Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with doctor praising Shivani for applying vinegar on Raghu to get his fever down and asks her to continue applying. He goes from there. Latha asks sorry to Shivani that she scolded her. Shivani says it is okay and says her daaju told this remedy. Shivani says Sumitra to remember about this remedy. Maya says it is good Raghu will get soon as she does not want to work tomorrow. Shivani asks why?? Maya says people are coming with Ginni’s aliance. Shivani says Ginni is still small. Latha says she is 20 years old. Shivani says she will also help them with household work.

Latha sees Shivani changing the room’s decor and praises her. Sumitra brings dry fruits and says groom’s people will think they are rich. Latha says we should not lie that we are rich and asks Sumitra to return back dry fruits. Bela comes and says Latha is telling true. Shivani sees Bela and gets happy. Bela hugs Latha and says they should not lie to anyone. Latha asks where is Roopesh and Nishi. Roopesh comes just then and says even he wants to check Ginni’s groom. Baburam comes and meets Roopesh and Bela. He says they got a good groom for Ginni.

Ginni is very tensed about the alliance. She murmurs that she wants at least 5.6 inch height guy and he should be handsome. Bela and Shivani and listen her words. They start taunting her. Bela says she knows that she wants to see the groom first. Ginni gets shy and says she did not mean that. Shivani says not to get shy and says she knows her situation. Ginni says it is not like that. Bela asks Ginni to get ready. Ginni realizes she has not changed her clothes and runs to get ready.

Baburam asks Latha to get ready to see the groom. Raghu’s boss comes just then and asks if it is Raghu’s house. Baburam mistkes him as Ginni’s groom and starts serving him. Maya brings him cold water. Baburam asks how was the water. Boss says it was good. He says it is for special guests. Boss says he came to meet…. Vivek says he knows whom he wants to meet. Maya says she knows whom he wants to meet and says she is happy meeting him. Boss says he did not except such a good welcome from them. Maya says she has done English crashing course. Boss says it is crash course. Baburam sees boss’s clothes and says they are nice. Boss says he bought it in London. Baburam asks if he really went to London. Boss says he studied in London. Ginni thinks she did not go out of Jodhpur and prays god that he should accept her. Baburam asks Latha to bring sweets. Sumitra thinks these people are hoping high, Ginni is not worth getting a prince like him. Baburam asks boss about his salary. He says 50 lakhs per annum. Baburam gets happy listening 4 lakhs per month salary. Ginni comes and gives sweets and tea to Boss. She tells her name as Ginni. Boss says his name is Karan. Shivani comes there and is surprised to hear Karan’s name.

Shivani and Karan see each other and get happy. Karan is Shivani’s childhood friend. Karan says he came to meet Raghu. Shivani asks how does he know Raghu. Raghu comes and says Karan is his booss. Baburam then realises his mistake and informs Karan about it. Karan then realises why they served him so well. Baburam gets angry and goes from there.

Raghu asks Boss why did he come here. Boss says he heard about his illness, so he came to check him. He says it is good that he came as he met his best friend. Shivani tells Raghu about their childhood stories. They both tell childhood stories. Karan says she is her good friend and it is really good to see her again. He asks why is she wearing saree and mangalsutra. Shivani says she is married to Raghu. Karan is shocked to hear that.


Precap: Boss looks at Shivai’s pic and says he loves her a lot. He went to London as she was getting married to Abhimanyu, but today she met him as Raghu’s wife.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. I hope that Karan is not a kabab me haddi..!!
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