Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th August 2013 Written Update

Raghu return home and his Baba taunt him saying he must have eaten good meal at the Rana place and his sister adds he didn’t bring anything for them, but he should have brought something for his niece. Raghu take out chocolate and gives it to his niece and she happily hugs him.

Next morning,

Balwant goes inside Shivani’s room admiring her while she slept. He doesn’t let the maid make any noise inside Shivani’s room. Shivani wake up wishing her Dadu’s portrait, but Balwant wishes her good morning.

Grandfather and granddaughter have teasing moment about Abhi afterwards Dadu share his feelings with Shivani about yesterday incident. Shivani gets emotional and hugs her Dadu. She make him promise to forget those events and ask Shivani to

get dress soon cause they have to leave for temple soon.

Shivani smile looking at her engagement ring. She share her feeling with Dai Maa about her engagement with Abhi and soon she’ll be married to him. She also remember to thank Raghu and leave behind worried Dai Maa.

At Raghu’s place,

Raghu enter inside washroom with towel wrap around his neck. He hear someone shouting Shivani’s name. He comes out quickly only to find his family reading newspaper with Shivani picture and Raghu’s name also in the paper. Raghu two sisters talking about clothing wear of Shivani, but his Bhabhi get mad and snatch the paper in worries of Raghu. Raghu’s mother come out wondering who’s life was in danger. Raghu’s Bhabhi reveal about the incident to his mother and question him about the incident and when was he planning to reveal anything. Family tease him about his clothing wear and Raghu leave stating he needs to get ready soon.

At Shivani’s place,

Her brother Jaswant share his dislike for Abhi to his wife. At same time Shivani ring up everyone on the phone asking them to come in the living room. Shivani show everyone the watch she bought. Abhi got thriller by her excitement.

Shivani felt happy hearing her Dadu liking the watch. Her Bhabhi stated that Dadu already bought Abhi watch few days ago. Shivani states that she bought the watch for her Jadoogar. She goes toward Raghu showing him the watch. Raghu hesitate in taking the watch and Mahima question Shivani regarding the occasion she’s giving the watch to Raghu. Shivani remind them about yesterday incident and how Raghu saved her.

Dadu got happy and state he totally forgot that Raghu save Shivani yesterday in the excitement of the engagement. Raghu say he was only doing his work. Abhi states he know he is very royal toward his work, but saving Shivani means everything to them. He’s about to take out some money when Shivani states that Raghu only take money from Dadu and nobody else, but still Abhi tries giving him money and Raghu doesn’t take it from him.

Dadu interfere saying somethings just happen and its not worth the money. He convince Raghu to take the gift from Shivani. Shivani happily ask Raghu to remove the old watch. Raghu remove his old watch and wear his new watch. He clasp his hand together to say “thank you” but he forgot to clasp the watch and Shivani does it for him. Abhi watch it with smile, but his eyes spoke different volume and the people who watch the scene. Dadu felt happy, but Shivani’s brother felt hurt seeing the expensive watch on Raghu’s wrist.

Afterwards they leave for temple together. At the temple, Dadu shown sitting between Abhi and Shivani doing puja and Raghu stood behind Shivani. Entire family take aarti and Pandit says they can begin the wedding celebration with blessing of god. Dadu ask Raghu to take out the car and Raghu leave.

Dadu show them land he bought and Abhi state its perfect to build a hotel or shopping mall, but Dadu say only school can be built here. He ask if Abhi going to help them and Abhi agreed. Dadu feels happy knowing that everyone agreeing to help him, but Jaswant felt hurt lekin his wife agree on his behalf.

Dadu feel proud of Abhi and share his plan for their future martial life. Shivani feels happy. Abhi feel proud knowing Dadu plan entire life of Shivani. Shivani leave with Raghu and rest go to decide the menu of the wedding.

Inside the car,

Raghu is driving and Shivani siting in the back seat. She ask Raghu if he like the watch and Raghu say he like the watch, but feels different wearing expensive watch.

Shivani ask Raghu to drive with both hands and they talk about Abhi. Raghu phone ring and he come to know his family fix his alliance. Raghu seek permission from Shivani, but Shivani thriller knowing that Raghu going to meet a girl. She start teasing him, but at the end she agrees with him. She ask Raghu to get married after her otherwise she won’t be able to attend his marriage.

Precap: Shivani ask Raghu if she could come with him, but Raghu told her that she can’t go out anymore since she is getting married. Than Shivani question him “what kind of wife he wants” and Raghu hesitate.


Update Credit to: MistiofMistz

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