Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th September 2013 Written Update

Raghu calls Jaz as Jaz still didn’t call them. No one picks up. Raghu wonders why he is not picking up.

Jaz and Mahima come for the breakfast. Abhi too comes there. Daaju is not there. He asks servant about Daaju. The servant says Daaju said he is not hungry. Abhi is going to call him. Jaz and Mahima stop him and ask him to stay away from Daaju and don’t test their patience. They tell Jaz that he should feel lucky because they didn’t tell his truth to Daaju yet. They ask him to eat the breakfast. Abhi agrees.

Shivani wakes up and takes Daaju’s name. Raghu is standing there with Daaju’s photo. Shivani smiles but then realizes that it’s not her house. She tells Raghu that she is missing Daaju a lot and asks if he will forgive her. Raghu says it may take time, but once he finds out the truth, he will forgive. Shivani then asks if Jaz called. Raghu says he must be calling soon. Shivani then tells him that she has some work. Raghu says “Ho Jayega BabyG”. Shivani asks him to arrange some clothes for her as she can’t stay in her wedding outfit anymore. She then asks for the bathroom as she wants to get fresh. Raghu imagines his bathroom’s bad condition and has nothing to say. Shivani asks him what happened. Raghu says to give him 5 minutes and he will do all the arrangements. He leaves.

Raghu comes to Bella to get clothes for Shivani. Bella asks him if clothes won’t come from Shivani’s house. Raghu has nothing to say. Seeing his confused face, Bella asks him not to feel bad and gives him a new saree that she never wore before. Raghu is leaving, but then comes back and asks Bella if she can help Shivani. Bella happily says yes.

Raghu now comes to their bathroom and cleans it and puts new soap. He then feels Shivani will need a bigger mirror and goes to get it.

Raghu is going to buy mirror and sees his father buying jalebis. Another guy comes and asks for money for yesterday’s food order. Raghu notices his father showing off that he is Rana’s relative now and everyone will get money. After his father leaves, Raghu goes to the guy and gives him his money.

Shivani is taking off all her jewelries. She looks at her bracelet and remembers Daaju. She now looks at her mangalsutra and takes it off as well. She then sees pillows and mattress on the floor. She says if any family member sees their room like this then they might doubt. She folds the mattress and puts on a side. While she is folding the mattress, bangles that Raghu’s mother gave to Raghu to give to Shivani fall down. Shivani puts them on a table there.

Shivani now comes down. There she sees Maya. Maya gives her a box which has all make up stuff. From that she remembers that she forgot shampoo, so she goes to get that. Bella comes there and gives her the saree. Shivani asks her where’s the bathroom. Bella takes her there. Shivani is checking the bathroom. Bella says this is nothing like what would be like in Shivani’s house, but this is what they got. Bella puts a cloth on the door. Shivani asks what is that for. Bella says that their bathroom doesn’t have a lock, so when others see that cloth, they figure it out that someone is in there. Shivani is expressionless. Bella notices and tells her no one will come there. Shivani still doesn’t feel good. Bella then says she will stand outside then.

Raghu’s father returns home and tells Raghu’s mother that today’s breakfast should be first class as it’s first breakfast of Shivani. He then asks her to go and check if Raghu and Shivani woke up or no.

Raghu’s mother comes to his room and sees no one there. She wonders where they went. She then sees the bangles and wonders if Raghu never gave them to Shivani or Shivani refused to wear.

Shivani comes out from the bathroom and sees Raghu’s mother. She asks her if she can give her all her jewelries for some time. Raghu’s mother notices that she doesn’t have sindhoor and doesn’t have mangalsutra in her neck either. She glares at her and episode ends.

Precap: Shivani has sindhoor and mangalsutra back on. Maya tells Shivani that she will put jewelries in her room, but Raghu’s mother says no to her and says she will put them in her room.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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