Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kavita telling Bhabho that she informed Sandhya about illegal wine. She says its my duty too to inform her. Bhabho says Sandhya is very smart, nothing wrong can happen. Meenakshi says yes, she does not leave anyone at home too. Meenakshi praises Sandhya. Bhabho says I know Meenakshi loves Sandhya a lot. Kavita says I m feeling good hearing her praise. Kavita says I wish you always stay united. Emily brings tea and gives them.

Kavita thinks to fool Bhabho. She tells Bhabho about Sandhya’s posting and her work, which can lead her to many risks and Sandhya should be careful. She says Sandhya has made many enemies and should not go out at night duty. Bhabho is shocked. She says her enemies can do anything. Bhabho says but she is police officer so she has to do this, how can we stop her from doing duty. Kavita says I m not stopping her, but safety is important, she can do day duty and not go for night duty.

Kavita says its risky at nights as goons roam free on roads. Sandhya tells her staff that she will go on night patrolling and someone can come with her. She says its election time and we have to be alert, so I will go myself. Bhabho is in dilemma. Kavita says Sandhya has her staff, she can send someone else, if anything happens with her then. Bhabho gets worried. Kavita says I m just warning you. I want her to be safe. She leaves.

Bhabho says I will Sandhya not to do night duty. Kavita is happy and thinks Bhabho till stop Sandhya tonight and I can do my work easily. Kavita comes to Sooraj’s shop. He says he is going to deliver some sweets and then Sandhya comes at 9pm, so I have to get free to talk. Kavita leaves. Sandhya thinks she will go home early and give him surprise. She says I will spend some time with him.

Sandhya comes and greets Bhabho. Sandhya does the aarti. Sandhya thinks where did Sooraj go. Bhabho says he went to give sweets. She tells Bhabho that she has to go on night patrol. Bhabho thinks about Kavita’s words. Bhabho stops her and asks her not to go as its risky. Sandhya says I have to go tonight. Bhabho says my bahus can’t go out at night, sit here, I will bring tea and snacks for you. Bhabho sees Laxman doing the work and Meenakshi and Emily resting in room.

Sandhya says I will help. Bhabho says no, I will make it. Laxman says will you work in this age. He says you can get ill. Sandhya says Laxman, no. Laxman says I mean she should rest. I will cook. Bhabho says I know, but I feel good to cook for my family. Sandhya says I have to go today, I will do as you say, see Laxman is doing all the work but you want to do it to make it perfect.

Bhabho says your work has risk. Sandhya says no, I got training to deal with every risk and I will tackle it, not to worry. Bhabho says you can send anyone, you can go if you need, but why now, you are tired now, and will get ill. Sandhya says its 24 hours duty, I won’t go daily, its election time, so I have to be alert, don’t worry, I will take care, promise, I told them I will come, I will manage, my staff will be with me. Bhabhi agrees. Anu talks to Kavita. Kavita says Sandhya won’t do night duty today.

A man covers his face and tries to go. Sandhya catches him and asks him to show his face. The man says I m finding my wife, shall I go. She says your wife left you, why did you not file report in police station. He says no. She stops him and is shocked to see him.

The man is Pawar. He comes with his goons. Sandhya looks at the goons. Pawar smiles..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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