Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj writing his name on the chit, for gifting the silver key chain to Meenakshi. He writes this gift is from Sooraj Sandhya Rathi, and strikes off Sandhya’s name. They see each other there. Diya aur baati………….plays………… He sees his pic in her purse. She cleans some thing from his collar and he smiles. He says I came to buy gift for Meenakshi. She says I also came here for it. A man calls them to pay bill. The man shows the same item and sees the chits. He says its same product chosen by you. He says I m sorry, my salesman did mistake. Babasa says he wants to call Dilip. Emily says how did the phone diary papers get torn. Chavi hides and looks on. Bhabho says we have to call them, else they will be annoyed.

Chavi says now they will ask number from me. Meenakshi says Vikram will go and invite them. Chavi says no need to do this. Bhabho says no, it won’t look good. Meenakshi says why are you doing this, did you do anything there. Chavi says no, everything is fine there, I m saying no as I spoke to Pushpa, she was apologizing that she is going somewhere and can’t come in function. Bhabho says fine. Chavi taunts Meenakshi asking is her mum coming empty hand and bringing gifts. Emily smiles. Bhabho asks Chavi to stop it. Chavi says I was just saying. Meenakshi thinks yes, she is right, Maa was come empty hand, its about my respect, I will ask her to bring something.

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Mohit comes and says I m leaving for my job. Bhabho blesses him. The salesmen says they have wrote same names, and reads it. He says I have written Mr and Mrs Rathi. He says the second piece is damaged. The man apologizes to them. Sooraj says its fine, I will buy spmething else, you give this to her. Sandhya says you keep this, I did not like this. They argue. The man looks on. Sooraj says I know you are lying, you can’t lie. Sooraj asks for some flower with ghungroos. Sandhya says you can’t lie, and smiles. Sooraj smiles and says we will buy this gift, pack this. The man says she did the payment, you can pay her. Sandhya says give it later. Sooraj gives the gift bag to Sandhya.

Ankur asks Zakir to explain Sandhya, as he is her good friend. Zakir says I think we should leave it on her. Ankur says she is getting big chance and she is refusing it for false hope of Sooraj’s hope. She is making big mistake. Zakir says yes, its golden chance for Sandhya, but not last, she will get many chances like this, and about Sooraj’s love, its her life and inspiration, and she will have wish to live, else nothing will be left, so let her save it. He leaves. Mohit comes to Ankur and greets him. He says thanks for giving this big chance to me to work for you.

Ankur says the one who deserves the chance can get it. Mohit says you might be knowing about Meenakshi’s baby shower, as Sooraj has invited Sandhya, I thought she told you, can I go early, else I will tell them I have work and can’t come. Ankur says no, you can go. Sandhya gets ready and Bulbul asks her to do makeup and apply nail polish. Sandhya smiles. Bulbul insists and says you should look beautiful. Sandhya applies the nail polish and shows Bulbul. Bulbul says I m very happy. Ankur comes and sends Bulbul outside as he has to talk to Sandhya. Bulbul leaves. He asks Ankur where is she going. Sandhya says you know it. Ankur says I know, you forgot you don’t have any place there, why to go there.

He says you should not go there. She says bending in relations in not weakness, it shows how much you value relations, if this was not there, then we would have not been together today. She leaves.

Sooraj does the flower decorations. Sandhya comes and supports him as he slips. They have an eyelock.

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  1. hope both of them reunite soon…
    sandhya is wonderful wife…hope she get pregnant soon …
    make them together
    director pls don’t separate them…
    meenaksi must get punish not sandhya

  2. double triple excellent dis episode.

  3. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Let merriment and hilarity return to Rati family.

  4. Bhabasa look your daughter!
    how you teach her?
    you have no power to insult sandhya.

  5. yah its toooo good and quite interesting.

  6. Tomorrow’s precap looks very nice. Sandhya and Sooraj both are holding their hands together. Sandhya ji is very beautiful and gorgeous.

    Today’s episode is also good and signing the gift as Mrs. & Mr. Rathi for Meenakshi.

  7. Zakir understands Sandhya more than her brother Ankur!! Good friend

  8. Saradha killivalavan

    Nice episode. Ankurz character of adding fuel and a selfsentered personality can be totally avoided from the show. I pray God to reunite the lovely husband and wife(sooraj and sandhya) as they set an example for many people.

  9. nc episode.

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