Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th April 2013 Written Update

Emily applies all kinds of makeup made from natural bases and gives maasa lots of different beauty facials. Maasa gets excited to look at herself in the mirror and see that she is looking even prettier than before.

Emily comes and hugs Sandy in happiness.

precap: M with D asking for him to put the necklace on her but they cant find the necklace. Suraj admits that he doesnt have it.

all menfolk happy that it’s now midnight and D asks for the necklace. Suraj says that it’s not with him and D gets disturbed.

Maasa then suddenly enters the room. and opens up the veil to show her face and sings some song. She then asks him to put the necklace with his own hands.
Dadusa looks at Suraj helplessly who is unable to utter a word. Maasa then takes out the necklace and happily shows that she has won the bet again.

SurYa also look at each other with a slight smile.

Upcoming Precap: Emily happy at re-gaining Maasa’s confidence back in her. and decides to share the good news with Mohit. She taps softly on his door calling out his name. Maasa is on her nightly patrol and jerks back in shock at seeing/hearing? Emily.

Dadusa continues to look at Suraj and confused. Maasa continues to make him feel bad and says that why is he looking at Suraj. Suraj may have had the jewellery but he was easily influenced by his beendni, who had no difficulty wooing him.

Bhabhasa also says haar gaye (we lost) and on looking at D’s expression, says haar gayi (necklace is gone ). D then recovers and jokes that how can he ever win any battle with her.

M then does an about turn and says that he no longer needs to put the necklace on her. because after all, he is the losing team and then happily leaves the room saying that she can wear the necklace herself.

Other menfolk are sad thinking that Suraj made them lose. But D says that he is proud of him because we win our beendni’s love by letting them win at such silly games.

RM, Meena’s mother and sister happily peeling apples and eating together. Vikram comes there and M’s mother makes a comment that she was only cleaning fruits for Meena, but she is fast asleep now. she asks if he needs anything but he says that he will get chaturi’s help and thinks that Meena;s whole family is such a pack of liars. Meena mutters something in her sleep and so everyone heads to her.

Vikram finds her muttering in sleep and she gets up in shock saying that she doesnt want a daughter. no one will respect her as a daughter’s mother. Vikram then says a lot of sweet things that daughters are just as precious and a lot of them can do such wonderful things (and gives examples of sandy). Meena gets upset and says that she doesnt like to hear of jethani. so vik tells her that daughters are so sweet, that they care for their mothers and equally share their joys, sadness together. very sweet speech. He also asks her to come along if she wants a fave snack. and meena gets happy. Vik says that this is the kind of smiling face he wants to see at all times.

Maasa happily chattering to Bhabho that she is so happy with emily that she has no hard feelings now.
at the same time, emily wants to share the news with mohit and heads to his room (doesn’t she know to sms him??)

anyway, so here we have maasa and emily walking together but in opposite directions. as soon as emily knocks on the door, maasa comes there wondering whom does she want to meet at this hour of the day.

Tom’s Precap: Maasa screaming at Emily in front of other ladies why she needs to knock on the door of men folk’s room. Emily then faints. Maasa asks one of her beendnis to get a vaidrani (lady doctor). Sandy and bhabho get tensed that doctor will find out the truth about Emily’s pregnancy in no time.

Update Credit to: Shailesh_Rathi

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