Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK asking Zakir how did he get caught my Maya. Maya says she asked a question, who is the target of our mission, and he said Sooraj. Zakir asks is that mean your target is Sandhya, so you all called us here. He asks RK does he want revenge from Sandhya. Maya says yes, our real target is Sandhya, but we don’t want to kill her, we want to leave her to cry on Sooraj’s death. Maya says his answer was right, but it did not has the hatred in his voice which RK has, he has taken Sooraj’s name by respect and love, and got caught. RK says my blood boils hearing Sooraj’s name, I failed in my mission because of you, else every mission was successful. He says Sandhya has ruined my hardwork. He says that day he has decided to come back, and take away her most valuable thing.

He says then you will know my pain. He says Sandhya, your Sooraj will die infront of your eyes today. Maya says this is my brother, my RK, I don’t doubt on him now. Maya says he is real RK. Bhabho hugs Sooraj and cries. RK gets a gun and looks at Sooraj. Vadeja tracks them on GPS and thinks there is no movement, Zakir should have left, why are they taking so much time. RK goes to Sooraj. Bhabho says no, you can’t kill my Sooraj, you are free, you go from here with your gang, if our family did any mistake, I apologize to you. RK says yes, my mission is completed, but what about the hatred in my heart, 5 years I have been dying every moment, I have grown this hatred.

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Bhabho folds hands and asks him not to kill Sooraj. RK asks Maya not to waste bullet on anyone, as they should just focus on their target. Bhabho falls in RK’s feet and holds his hand asking him not to harm Sooraj, he is innocent. She says if he wants revenge, then he can kill her. Sooraj asks Bhabho what is she doing. Sooraj takes Bhabho away. Sooraj asks RK to kill him, if he wants, but remember he will get punished, as he trusts his Lord, he comes to kill the sin and sinner, else he will kill him in any human form. Sandhya asks RK to leave Sooraj, as their revenge is for her, and asks Maya to kill her. Sooraj says she is not a bahu and wife, you are an officer, even if I die, you have to do your duty, how your courage to them, and leave an example. Bhabho says shut up, and asks RK to kill her.

RK says he will kill Sooraj or Sandhya. Bhabho says leave both of them. RK says fine, I will not kill Sandhya, but on one condition, you have to slap Sandhya tightly infront of all of us. He asks what is she saying, she can do this for Sooraj’s life. He asks her to come and slap Sandhya. Bhabho walks to Sandhya. RK asks her to slap Sandhya and brings her close. Sooraj tries to stop, and Disha and Prema ask him to stand far. Bhabho cires and looks at Sooraj, while he says no. RK says the insulting slap hurts more than respectful death and asks Bhabho to slap. Bhabho cups her hand and cries.

Bhabho slaps Sandhya. Sooraj, Zakir and Sandhya cry. RK asks was this a slap, it did not have any hatred, give her a tight slap. Bhabho slaps again. RK says more harder. Bhabho cries and slaps Sandhya. RK asks what are you doing, slap her tight. Bhabho slaps Sandhya again, as RK tells her to do so, and cries. Maya stops Zakir. RK says what Bhabho, you don’t know to slap, you don’t feel my hatred, but the try was good, I know it was tough work for you to slap your bahu. He says lets play some other game. He cups his palms and asks her to choose any one, one has the price of his hatred and other has his family;s freedom. Bhabho holds a hand. RK says oh no……….

He tells Maya that they have to free them now, for 15 mins. Prema says but we have everything, why don’t we kill them. RK says are you mad, did you not hear Sooraj is not afraid of death, so I want to give him 15mins of life, to spend with his mum and wife. He says in this 15mins, I want Sooraj to feel love which he will fear to lose. He says then we will meet in dreams. He reminds Sandhya about his dream about his birthday which has all Rathi family members, and just one member missing. He says lets celebrate my birthday, I will kill Sooraj after I cut the cake. He says everyone has some weakness, right. RK asks Sandhya to see her Sooraj for the last time. Prema asks someone to get the cake. Bhabho cries.

As my birthday gets over, Sooraj’s life is over. He starts counting. Sandhya sees Maya’s asthma pump.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dear Telly Buddies

    Nonsense EPISODE.Total Crap n messed up episode.

    Signing off.

  2. Totally boring, and its getting dragged, finish it off fast.

  3. Just hate Maya, prema, disha, rk. Feel like killing them on the spot.

    1. feel like to f**k disha

  4. Nonsense and stupid serial.. waste of time even to read written updates

    1. hey watch sandhya and her tight s*xY body.why waste of time

  5. Ek2 rowdy hote hoy life e..tokhon e mere deoa uchit 6ilo jkhn oder bondi krlo

  6. its all about TRP Stunt :-\ .

  7. it show that only terroist has barin and not mean it is.this is not fair at should that officer r smarter than terriost.then it will too good to watch it.

  8. this used to be a good inspiring serial.Now unnecessarily it is dragging and becoming a bore, a sort of mockery of the police and government.

  9. this is dragging too much. Everyday I come on here to read something thinking that some good is gonna happen and that Maya and her team get arrested but these updates just annoy you more you don’t feel like watching this show again. Its too boring now. ughhhhh

  10. why don’t RK undress sandhya rathi and f**k her in front of her husband.She looks s*xy in that tight fitted police dress.I thought RK will rape hardcore Sandhya.
    director pls allot me that scene.Eager to watch that scene.

  11. It’s not sandhya that’s should get a tight slap, it’s some of you with your dirty comments, grow up people you letting yourselves down,respect your women at all times,,

  12. Do not drag too much as it was good and inspiring story. finish it off this hijack episode in a good way.

  13. Like somebody commented it was a very good serial. The past two months, ever since the hijack drama started, it has eroded all the goodwill generated till that day. Viewers are eagerly watching it everday with a hope that this stupid drama ends fast. The makers of the serial think it as an encouragement and are continuing this SHIT day after day. Sooner or later people will be just disgusted with the serial and that day I hope this SERIAL ENDS ABRUPTLY EVEN WITHOUT BEING GIVEN A CHANCE TO END GRACEFULLY.


  14. gentle guys…comment only the serial track….not the womens..she is just a character….think and behave gently….all slaps are only for the bad commented guys….stupids…..

  15. hats of roza for ur good slaping comment….this is the correct slap

  16. Gowri Sankar

    It seems the makers want drag this track till this year end and new track will be started from new year.

  17. logoka kya hoga , horaha tha diya bati, bohase chala gaya hati mere sathi 😛

  18. Just concentrate on serial, not on porn. Otherwise watch porn fron 9-9:30.stop watching dabh and comment sucha bullshit..

  19. Bullshit serial…plz stop this nonsense

  20. i used to admire this serial because of its entertaining and inspirational story, good acting, direction etc but now it has been too much drag, slow and very boring. My family has stopped watching this serial.

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