Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya being adamant to save Officer Singh. Officer Singh sees all the cadets coming to help Sandhya in saving Officer Singh. Officer Singh says it was a mock drill, it was to test how you all will behave when you are really in danger. Officer Singh tells Sandhya that she should have not stopped to save her, else she would have died if they are real Naxals. She says everyone are necessary for the country’s safety, don’t be foolish to get emotional. She scolds Sandhya and says Zakir and Rahul have done good today. She asks for the chip. Roma says I have it. Officer Singh praises Roma for being alert and says I m very proud of you.

Emily’s assistant comes to her and panics telling her what happened at the parlour. Everyone go to the parlour to see what happened. Officer Singh trains the cadets how to pass on secret messages in the jungle. Zakir says through shadows. Sandhya says water. Roma says air. Rahul says Maine Pyaar Kiya, I mean birds. Officer Singh says by marking on stones and making animal sounds. Officer Singh says Naxals use this way. The chief of the naxals say we failed today because if Sandhya. He says Agrima will go from here tomorrow. Manorama says I will create havoc there by going there as human bomb. The chief ends angry on her brother.

The chief tells them that we will pass the message by this dog again tonight, get ready to welcome Agrima Singh. Officer Singh leaves. Rahul says we all know a lot. Sandhya asks do you have a secret way. Rahul says ask the lovers, they have many ways that army and police does not have. Roma and Rahul teases Sandhya taking Sooraj’s name. The parlour is checked and Sooraj asks the officials what happened. The officers get all expired beauty products. They ask Sooraj to call the parlour owners. Sooraj calls Mohit and Emily. The officials tells them that they got a complaint that you are using expired products. Bhabho and everyone are shocked.

Sooraj says you might be mistaken. He says the parlour is famous and loved by Pushkar. Emily and Mohit gets tensed. They say we have checked the products, everything is expired, you are cheating people and playing with their health. Everyone are shocked. Sooraj asks Emily and Mohit to tell them. Sooraj says we treat clients as Lord. Meenakhi thinks she has done the complaint. Sooraj says we can’t do like this, we own good shops. Meenakshi makes a sad face. Bhabho asks Emily to answer them. Emily is silent. The officials says we have the proof here and I think you don’t keep your words. He taunts them and says we have to take action against you.

The woman discuss and scold Emily. They ask Emily to return their money. Bhabho also asks the same. Meenakshi says how can you take money and praises Emily. She says she has not done anything, nothing with happen to you. The woman take the money calling Emily a thug. Sandhya sees Rahul and Roma having a romantic moment. Rahul makes Roma wear a leaf string. Sandhya wishes them to be together. They see Sandhya going. Sandhya sees a dog and thinks he might be hungry. She brings a biscuit for him. The dog does not eat. The dog roams around in every tent. Sandhya says why is he going in tents. Sandhya sees the paper tied to its leg. She reads the message. Someone is watching her.

The Naxals think we will get Agrima Singh and her cadets as they will eat the food which has the sleeping medicine andd they will faint.

Update Credit to: Amena

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