Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya working in her office. She says its so late, Sooraj did not call, and waits for his call. Sooraj sees the phone. He says she did not call me and sees time. He says she will be busy now, it won’t be good to disturb her. She says now let him call, I will not talk. He messages her asking how is she. She gets his message and smiles. She reads his message as he asks if she wants anything special to eat. She thinks what happened to her, she gets angry for anything. She thinks of her mood swings and is everything fine with her.

She says she will ask Bhabho, no she will worry, and calls Anita. She tells about her mood swings and Ankita laughs. Sandhya asks is this normal about my behavior change. Ankita says no, its not wrong for you and baby, and this change and anger is pregnancy symptoms, and mood swings. Ankita asks her to take Sooraj’s name and hug him tightly, everything will be fine. Sandhya smiles and says don’t pull my leg, I will end call, I m busy. She asks about Bulbul, take care and the baby too. Ankita says fine. Ankita sees Bulbul falling off from the stairs and runs to hold her. She shouts and runs to her. She falls down and gets hurt. She cries and Bulbul worries, She calls Ankur.

Ankur brings Ankita to hospital and asks her to handle myself, this will affect her health. Ankita cries and says Lord has taken away my child from me. Bulbul hears this and cries. Her drawing of her parents and sibling falls. She leaves. She goes to the temple and does not tell a lady who is with her. She stands in middle of the road. Sooraj saves her from accident and asks her what happened.

Bulbul says Lord has taken away the baby, I m going to make wish with Lord, mum is crying a lot. Sooraj is shocked. Bulbul says Lord should have not done this. Sooraj says yes, come with me. He takes her to Ankita and asks her not to cry, as its fate and it can’t be in their hands. He says we all are with you. She says I know you all are with Sandhya and take care of her, but still this is careful phase for a woman, take care of Sandhya and even in her sleep. She says Sandhya does not know about this, don’t tell her anything, she will worry. Sooraj says yes, don’t worry. He asks Ankur to take care of her, he will take Bulbul for few days.

Ankita says no, sorry, don’t take Bulbul, I want to be with her. Sooraj says as you wish. Ankur asks him not to say Sandhya. Sooraj says don’t worry, I will not tell her. Sooraj calls Bhabho and tells her everything. Bhabho cries and says I will not tell Sandhya. Sandhya comes home and Bhabho tells him that Sandhya came and ends the call. Sandhya says she is very hungry, whats made in food. Meenakshi and Emily say its your fav food. Sandhya asks her to call Chavi. Emily says she is with Daisa’s bahu. Meenakshi says she came alone and did not get Kanha.

Daisa’s bahu shows the Ghagra and says Chavi has stitched it. They all smile seeing it. Emily says Chavi can make a name by this talent. Sandhya also suggests it and smiles. Bhabhi asks Chavi to do it if she is happy. Sandhya asks Chavi to get ready to go Mumbai. Chavi says she has told her bitter words, she said it intentionally right. Sandhya says yes, then it would have not hurt her self esteem and she would have not got her hidden talent outside. Chavi apologizes to her and says I m happy that you have shown me the right way, sorry, I will make everyone’s name shine. She hugs Sandhya and they all smile.

Its night, Sooraj talks to Sandhya and recalls Ankita’s words. She says what Ankita told her, and husband is most special when she is becoming mother, and she is not worried now. He says Ankita told right, I m with you. He makes her sit and she says she does not wish to have milk. She asks for icecream, as its made by milk. He says have the milk and insists. He goes to get the milk. She takes the chalkbox and says she will eat it, before he comes.

Bhabho comes to room and Babasa asks her to have medicines and sleep. Bhabho says she saw Sandhya’s ring which she got in the net. She says it means Sandhya came there and she said she did not. He asks is it that she does not remember that she came there. She asks how can this happen, there is something, I will talk to Sandhya. Sooraj comes to Sandhya while she is eating chalks by hiding from him. He sees her and she gets tensed. She hides the chalk.

Sandhya wakes up and steps out of the window. She walks to take the chalks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bulbul is such a devil, in small age , she kill her brother/sister.
    chavi takes right decesion , she know Dilipji don’t accept her.

  2. sandhya causes suicide. lol sooraj ‘s wife and sister in law both lost her baby.

    1. as per precap, may be it happens…
      But i thought sandhy loss her baby at the time of delivery and Ankita will give’s her baby to sandhya.But it came total reverse……

      1. I think Sandhya will give her baby to Ankita.. 🙂

  3. Sandhya is right for Chavi’s new dream. she know Dilipji doesnot accept chavi as a wife. so she sends chavi in mumbai.

  4. What non-sense is going on? Chavi entering into new life.. that’s good. rest is non-sense….

  5. Sandhya is a perfect beauty

    1. Yes, but Sandhya was so beautiful in Saree I mean before becoming IPS….

  6. I never seen in any movie/serial a pregant woman eating Chalk, mood swings, sleep walk etc.,,
    really non-sense…. Why all these things not happened to Meenakshi and Emily… Too much over action on sandhya’s pregnancy…. like Hijack drama…

    1. in real these are also caused for some peoples..somebody have no symptoms like meen and emily…idont want to justify thisone..but tell the truth

      1. I agree with you. In real these things can happen to pregnant woman… But for me it looks over action/non-sense/dragging in the serial when it is showing for Sandhya… Also what is the necessity to kill ankita’s baby..

    2. really.. stupid director making non-sense in sandhya pregnancy

  7. Meenakshi is far more better than sandya when it comes to pregnancy

  8. Nonsense it is then Sandhya sleep waking and her acting is horrible and worst direction

  9. nice episode.but sandhya eating chalk is not good. and one more thing is if sandhya become mom means its definitly be a very nice episode

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