Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kavita telling Sandhya and Bhabho that one hour is gone and they won’t get the papers now, she can’t give them more house, as she has to go on Balkishan’s shop inauguration. Bhabho and Sandhya are shocked. Everyone is worried. Balkishan comes and Sooraj looks at him. Balkishan asks the pandit to do the shubh mahurat and asks Sooraj not to be upset, as he is like a brother to him. He asks him to inaugurate his small stall. Vikram scolds Balkishan in his anger. Sooraj calms him down. Balkishan says Sooraj Rathi, you have lost this shop.

Meenakshi sees that man buying some jewellery and giving money to the jeweler. She says I don’t understand anything. The man leaves. She talks to the jeweler and asks him to show the design which he has shown that guy. He says Kanha can’t wear it. She says we are rich people and can buy anything. He says not about money and shows the Mangalsutra, saying the man bought this. She thinks its very small that can’t get in any woman’s neck, for whom is it. She asks its small, it wont’ fit any woman, why did he make it. Another customer come and he gets busy. She sees the size of mangalsutra and is puzzled.

Bhabho and Sandhya are finding the papers. Meenakshi comes home and gets another pink chit in Kanha’s clothes. She reads it and its demand of Rs 50000 this time. She gets tensed and cries. Emily comes and Meenakshi hides the chit. Emily says lets go, to the jeweller now. I will find out who is this blackmailer. Who is using my name and playing such a big game.

Emily asks Meenakshi to hurry up. Meenakshi says she has work for Kanha, I don’t think he will tell us anything, he can’t help us, I think lets leave it. Emily says you wanted to know and now you are changing your mind. She says you don’t know he can be dangerous for us. Emily says we can take Sandhya’s help/ Meenakshi says no, don’t tell her, she is worried about Sooraj’s shop, you also forget it now. Emily thinks what happened to Meenakshi. They hear Balkishan came to take the shop and go out to see.

Sandhya says Bhabho, we are finding the place at the wrong place. Bhabho asks where is the papers. Sandhya thinks. Balkishan shows his shop name board and everyone is shocked seeing Sooraj’s shop name board come down. Meenakshi asks Vikram to stop them, they are opening a ssaree centre shop, which can ruin our business too. Balkishan says see their anger and taunts everyone. He says just 45mins now, you all can’t do anything. Vikram comes in between and saves Sooraj’s shop board. Balkishan asks him to go. Kavita comes there and says Sooraj ji……….. Everyone look at her.

She says Balkishan is right, now the time has come, tell me I can recommend you, if you want my help. Meenakshi says let Sandhya come, then she will see you. Sandhya smells something and goes to see. She thinks about Kavita. Bhabho says leave it, we don’ t have time now. Sandhya says I think I know where did Kavita keep those papers.Bhabho asks where is it then. Sandhya says I know it. Bhabho says we have 15mins now. They leave from there. Kavita and Balkishan are happily waiting for the 15mins to get over and taunt Sooraj, asking him to come and be the chief guest of his shop. Kavita sees Mohit getting angry and says she will call police. She warns them to stay calm.

Kavita is about to cut the ribbon. Sandhya says stop and comes with the shop papers. She says we have the papers in between all of us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for updating. .loved todays epidsode..also.. i read im Bollywood life that. . The meenakshi swapping kids truth will come out soon..if u wanna know more.. just go to google and type diya aur baati hum and then scrolled down. . And u ll see a sentence saying why is meenakshi shocked. .i was so surprised to read

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