Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th March 2013 Written Update

Chavvi reads the college admission later and tells Sandhya is joining day college in her college. All are shocked. Meena thinks Suraj did this and now he has to face Bhabho. Bhabhasa is smiling. Suraj swears to Bhabho that he did not do this. Bhabhasa tells everyone that Bhabho got this admission for Sandhya and she met Sandhya’s principal Malathi madam and got this done. Bhabho just tells everyone that she did this because it does not look good when her daughter-in-law goes out in the nighttime. Bhabhasa teases her to accept the fact that she loves and cares for her daughter-in-law. Sandhya has to work in the house during daytime and attend night college and she has no time to rest so that’s why Bhabho did this arrangement so that she can attend college during day and rest at night. Bhabho is like a coconut, hard outside and soft inside. Meena tells that now the three pots will be used for filling water. Bhabhasa disappointed saying she does not forget the three pots. Bhabho tells she has got this admission does not mean she has forgotten that. She is still fighting for her faith but she wants to give Sandhya equal opportunity to defend her side. Sandhya gets emotional and hugs Bhabho. She thanks Bhabho for her motherly love and she is very happy because she got her place back in Bhabho’s heart. Mohit warns Chavvi that Sandhya will be monitoring her in the college and to behave properly. Bhabho tells everyone to do their work.

Daisa comes with other ladies to invite them for the hanuman galli annual celebrations. Meena taunts them saying the whole hanuman galli was against them and called them thieves, so they won’t attend the celebration. Bhabho opposes it and says they will attend it and asks others to forget such mistakes and move on. Daisa is happy and reminds Chavvi and Mohit that they had enrolled their names for program and have they prepared for it. Meena asks about Daisa’s preparations and Daisa says she cannot reveal any spoilers.

Mohit gets a call from Emily. He goes to the room and talks. Meena eavesdrops. Emily is in some trouble. She calls Mohit to meet her immediately. Mohit lies to her saying he is in the office after 2 days and has lot of work and he has hardly managed to attend her call. Emily insists him saying it is very urgent but Bhabho calls Mohit and he says his boss is calling and cuts the call. He drops the phone on the bed and goes to Bhabho. Meena is wondering why Mohit lied to Emily and is he fooling both Bhabho here and Emily there. She wants to have fun and takes the phone, presses the button as she seems right and the call goes to Emily. Meena speaks “hello,” and Emily understands Mohit has lied to her. She confirms asking who is speaking and Meena answers it is her Meena Bhabhi. Emily is hurt and unable to speak. Meena does not get any reply but she is happy for what she did and keeps the phone at its place.

Rathi family in the celebration area and watching all the handicraft items there. Sandhya notices hand-painted ceramic jars and takes Bhabho there. All like the jar and think of buying it. Bhabho calls Mohit to pay for it. Then, a girl comes to the seller lady, hugs and kisses and apologizes for being late. The older lady says she is not late and the sales has just started. She introduces the girl to Bhabho as her daughter-in-law and the jar Bhabho buying has been painted by her. Bhabho does not feel good. Meena provokes her on their religion. Bhabho does not buy the jar saying it is not too good and leaves. Sandhya apologized to them.

Meena is again provoking Bhabho assuming the reason why she did not buy the jar and finally Bhabho shuts her up saying not to exaggerate things and moves further. Meena and Mohit are left and Meena tells Bhabho could not buy an ordinary jar, then how will she accept a Christian daughter-in-law. Mohit is in thoughts.

In the program area, Daisa comes to announce and she is shyly welcomes everyone and tells there is a contest for hanuman galli couples and introduces 2 ladies from a ladies society who are organizing it. Those ladies come front and announce the rules of the game. They say they have kept around 16 items of shringar on a tray and husbands have to do the makeup for their wives within 3 minutes. Meena is all excited and says to Vikram that they will surely win the contest and mistakenly holds Mohit’s hands and moves further, then realizes and leaves his hand. Meena and Vikram leave. Bhabhasa holds Bhabho’s hands to go for the contest and Bhabho taunts him. SurYa are still standing and Bhabho taunts them whether they need special invitation to participate.

Precap: Contest going on and crowd cheering for the participants. Chotu cheers for Suraj asking him to make it fast. Bhabho encouraging Vikram and Suraj. Judges announce only little time left and count down numbers.

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