Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya saying he is not RK, he is not my brother, I m cheated. Sandhya says what nonsense, he is RK. Zakir asks is she mad to say this, he is RK. Maya slaps him and pulls off the face mask. She throws the mask. Sooraj and Bhabho are shocked. Maya asks Prema not to leave anyone now. They all aim gun at Zakir, Sandhya and Arjun. Maya says she would have shot Zakir before and he would have not joked here. Zakir says he can do anything for his country and would do his duty in any state. Maya says Sandhya that the Indian govt has shown they don’t care about their passengers, they will send dead bodies now. She asks Prema to shoot Bhabho. Sooraj stops Prema.

Sandhya says no, if you shoot Bhabho, RK’s dead body will be here. Maya asks what does she mean, is RK here?

Sandhya says yes, he is here. Vadeja brings RK and meets Arjun. RK smiles. He says now open this chains, the fun of freedom is without them. Vadeja says he is on Indian land, and they will treat him as a traitor. RK asks what for this annoyance, I m not going forever, I will come back soon, don’t spoil our relation. He asks did Sandhya not come today. Sandhya comes there and says Jai hind. RK shows pity on her, and greets her. He says her dream to hang him to death will not be fulfilled, but its fine, real enemies does not leave us for seven births. He asks will Zakir not come to leave me. Zakir comes there. RK is shocked seeing him with his face mask. RK asks who is he. Zakir asks who is he, he should ask this question, and why is he doing this acting. Zakir says he is real RK.

Sandhya says this is real RK. RK says what nonsense Sandhya He says you are playing a game with me. Sandhya asks why, can only you play games. She injects RK and he faints. The guards take RK and put him in the chopper. She comes in present, and sasks Maya to think her small mistake can take her chance of meeting RK. She asks her to give her passengers back and she promises she will get her brother now. She asks does he want her brother or her revenge. She says if you kill them, then you will lose your brother too. Maya says what you did with me, I can’t trust you. Arjun says if you want RK, you have to accept our conditions, real dead and no game now. E says give our passengers and we will give the real RK alive and fine. Maya says if RK does not come in two mins, I will kill them.

She gives two mins to Sandhya. Sandhya runs to the chopper and opens a vault. It has RK in it. RK looks at Sandhya and smiles. She asks him to come. RK says you take me with respect. Vadeja tells his seniors that he is real time tracking them and wishes Sandhya succeeds. Sandhya brings RK. Maya smiles seeing him. Maya asks Prema how did Sandhya get the pistol, did she not check the helicopter. Prema says I don’t know how she has hidden RK and pistol, Sandhya is clever. Sandhya says this is real RK Maya. She says as per her deal, if they give RK, she will give all passengers safe. She asks her to keep her promise and leave with RK, she will take the passengers and go back to India.

She says we are keeping our promise, now its your turn. Maya says no, I don’t trust you, you have cheated me at every step, and this deal was with us till you got fake RK. She asks how can she believe that this is real RK. Maya says till we get satisfied that he is real RK, we will not leave your passengers. Sandhya thinks no one should be harmed now. Maya says you will give RK to us, after being satisfied, we will give away passengers to you. Sandhya thinks she can’t trust them, what to do. Maya tells Sandhya that she does not have time now. She says she will start killing the passengers one by one. She says she will start first with Zakir. Sandhya says I accept. They put their guns down. RK says if Sandhya’s anger is gone, she can open the handcuffs now, he wants to get free now. Sandhya opens the handcuffs and RK smiles. He looks at Sooraj.

RK says lets celebrate my birthday, when my birthday ends, Sooraj’s life is over and he aims to shoot Sooraj, while Bhabho and Sandhya cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can’t believe they’ve dragged this for so long, it is absolutely tedious and pathetic now.

  2. How disgusting

  3. Deliberately they are boring us, taking revenge for audience’s bad comments!

  4. sanjay putteeraj

    This opera has to end immediately. its ridiculous and we have enough of this insanities. It ridiculous and boring

  5. once maya said this mission is not for sooraj.. and then why at last RK was going to shot sooraj.. so much conffusion….

    1. So sad that the director is also in a confusion

  6. i will watch the last episode

  7. How can you drag an incident for so long? it has started becoming boring and irritating. I think the story writer has run out of ideas. How can so junior level an officer be given such big responsibility? it looks as if our dear confused Sandhya is the only one working in police who has from the serial point of view such wonderful ideas!!!
    Sandhaya also needs to learn some acting skills. She stands with her mouth open like a gold fish everytime. The serial started at a good note but seems to be like other no ending serials. pain to watch starplus serials now, except for one serial which seems to ending soon.

  8. It is amazing that such an serious incident involving terrorists (the 3 females and RK) and also the others who are waiting on in ambush is handled only by ine single officer Sandya whereas there should be elite forces doing a cover up. None of that sort. The story writer is ridiculing the Indian Government and the able officers but allowing the terrorists to gain an upper hand. Please end this story or kindly request the Indian Government to ban this story if not eneded.

  9. How stupid, this serial is , director thinks the people watching it r fools………..please bring an end to this stupid hijack idea……………

  10. R u guys still watching this crap?????????????/
    I have lost complete interest and stopped watching it……………….

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