Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho showing her trust on Sandhya and says now Kavita won’t be spared. Everyone smile. Sandhya says she will go alone. Vikram says it won’t be good if you go alone. Bhabhi says no, I will go with her. She says lets go, and deal with Kavita now. They leave. They come to meet Kavita. Kavita welcomes them and says I got peace seeing you come. She taunts Sandhya and says you came here for Sooraj, he told me my wife won’t come to beg you, but here you are, what happened now, your pride is broken now. She insults Sandhya.

Bhabho and Sandhya hear her nonsense. Sandhya defends Sooraj and says he is not a coward. Kavita asks why did she come. Sandhya says for the same thing, you are thinking, but my way is different, I came to take the shop papers. Kavita says you won’t get it, if you don’t agree to my condition. Sandhya says I have promised Sooraj that I will return his happiness, I will take papers from here and leave. Dilip asks Chavi to get ready fast. He asks Pushpa where is his mobile. She says its on charging. Chavi comes and says she made food, and is leaving now. Dilip smiles.

She says I will go and change. She asks Pushpa to give her jewellery. Pushpa asks her to go and get it herself. Chavi goes and gets the keys. Chavi hides the keys in her apron. Kavita asks Sandhya to find the papers if she thinks she is smart. Sandhya looks for the papers. Kavita smiles. Sandhya calls Bhabho. Kavita says if they don’t get the papers, they will lose the job forever. Chavi tells Pushpa the keys are not here. Pushpa says its there, see. Chavi does acting and says its not there.

Pushpa says you won’t get anything and asks Dilip to see. Dilip checks and does not get the keys. Chavi silently keeps the keys near Pushpa. Dilip says its not there, you see. Pushpa says what. Chavi says you go alone, I can’t come like this. Dilip says fine. Chavi asks him to take his phone. The keys fall from Pushpa and Dilip is puzzled. Chavi gets the keys and says why did you tell me its there in drawer, looks like you are forgetting things. Dilip says yes maybe. Chavi thinks I will make Dilip away from his mum, he won’t hear her one day, and this way she will lose.

Emily and Meenakshi come to the jewellery shop and asks about the ring bill, which e sold to her mum in resale, so can he say who gave him the ring. He says come later. Emily says please try. He asks we have many customers, come later. Meenakshi says I had hopes. A man comes there and Meenakshi thinks he is the new relative of Taisa. Emily asks Meenakshi what happened. Meenakshi says it’s a saree shop, I have to see stock, you go home, I will see it and come. Emily leaves.

Kavita asks Sandhya to get the papers in two hours, and get the shop, else accept this that Sooraj is a fool, who thinks relations and family is his strength. She says no one helps without any selfish motives. Sandhya says I will get the papers today. They see all the boxes fallen. Ssandhya taints Kavita. Sandhya and Bhabho look for the papers. Kavita and Anu heat the corn and eat it. Sandhya says its something like burning smell. Bhabho says don’t know where Kavita has hidden the papers. Kavita asks did they get the papers, its one hour now. She says I have to go from here now, in some time, you carry on your search, I have to go as Balkishan invited me in his shop’s inauguration.

Balkishan keeps his name board on Sooraj’s shop. Sandhya says I know Bhabho where did Kavita hide those papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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