Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with bhabho asking everyone to tell the truth & warning them that she will find the truth. Adds that she will find out the person who made one lakh loss for sooraj & adds that everything in the RM is becoz of suraj’s hard work. Meena worries that if she tells that truth bhabho would ask her one lakh & decides to keep quiet. Chavi & emily also decides to hide the truth from bhabho. Emily thinks that she will hate her more if she tells the truth. Bhabho asks bhabhsa whether he went to the shop seaarching his paan box. Bhabhasa denies. Bhabho next asks meena whether she went due to her affinity towards sweets. Vikram asks her to confess if she has done anything. Meena denies. Bhabho then asks chavi. Chavi denies saying that she slept earlier. Bhabo

asks then vikram & chaturi leaves emily by looking at her. Meena tells bhabho that shedidn’t ask sandy & adds that it is sandy the only one who is careless & gives the example of mohit’s engagement day. Bhabho calls sandy Sandy says no.

Bhabho tells that someone is lying & asks sandy that she can find the needle even in dark & asks her to find out that person irrespect of MIL FIL SIL etc etc. & she can never allow this damage to happen to her son. Sandy hesitates. Bhabho interrupts by saying that she is good at investigation & she should find out the real culprit of her hubby’s shop vandalism. Sandy tells that she will try. Bhabho says that she needs guarantee. Sandy tells that she will definitely do that ASAP. Sandy decides to reveal chavi’s truth after this . Meanwhile someone calls sandy out.

Sandy goes to the shop. The pest control officers tell her that they need to clean up everything & apply pest. Sandy allows them & thinks about suraj’s words how he felt bad about his hard work going waste. She finds one red bangle piece.

She also remembers
bhabhasa gifting them red bangle the last night for preparing good food. Chavi nautanki asks bangle for her too. Bhabhasa tells her that he will bring new one. But chavi denies & sandy gives her those. Chavi happily takes it from sandy
Flash back ends

Sandy tells self that it must be either of chavi meena & emily & wonders why?? Meena looks from her shop & worries & gets into RM fast.

The pest officer informs sandy that the shop must be kept closed for two days in order for the pest to work. Sandy worries how could suraj handle this order now.

Here bhabho & co preparing the sweets. Bhabho asks meena to take care of kanha . She happily escapes. Sandy arrives there. Bhabho inquires whether the shop work is done. Sandy informs her that the shop should be kept closed for two days.

Bhabho asks two days & questions how can he do that & his customers will loose interest. Bhabho asks her to inform her about the culprit & adds that she will not leave them. Everyone gets scared. Sandy informs that she has just got a clue with that red bangle piece. Bhabho looks at that. Bhabhasa identifies that bangle & tells that it belongs to chavi or emily or meena. Bhabho asks chavi & notices one after the others hand & finds one bangle missing in emily;s chavi & meena ‘s hand. Bhabho thinks that it must be one among the three.

Suraj is in market with chotu. Suraj tells chotu that he will inform DSP. He gets the call from DSP office. Suraj asks them some time. The constable taunts him saying that he needs the order in time & adds that there are many in the market. Suraj tells that he will give the order intact & the constavle gives two hrs time.

Again a flash back

Meena after seeing sandy with that bangle she runs to the RM & hits emily & breaks one bangle. Emily leaves without much complains. Chavi comes there. Meena remembers chavi having that too & hits her bangle too. Chavi taunts her & leaves.

Flashback ends

Both bhabho & sandy confused.
Meena pats herself for making such a brilliant idea & tells self thta sandy must go through four lives to catch her.

Sandy with that pamplet of the cream bought by chavi. Emily looks at that & asks her whether she bought that & adds that she saw some advertisement regarding the same yesterday stating that as last day. Sandy thinks that chavi must have done this & wonders how she did that as her cellphone had no balance

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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