Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj and Sandhya seeing each other. Sooraj and Sandhya agree to teach Chotu together. Chotu asks don’t you have to say anything. Sooraj says I will teach you from tomorrow. Sooraj leaves with Chotu. Emily taunts Meenakshi for cheating her child and family. Meenakshi taunts her for being pregnant without marriage. Mohit says Meena Bhabhi……. And stops her. The people look on. Vikram calls Mohit a failed man, who can’t do anything on his own. Mohit tells about the shop and its given by Sooraj. They both insult each other in public. Meenakshi asks Vikram to beat Mohit. Vikram gets angry and holds Mohit’s collar. They both tell each other’s secrets.

Emily defends Mohit. Vikram scolds Mohit. Sooraj comes there with Chotu, and sees people laughing seeing

the fight. The man says its brother’s fight, its fun to see, you also see. Sooraj says its not good if they bring house matter on road. He is shocked seeing its Mohit and Vikram. Mohit says he will slap Vikram. Meenakshi says he is saying he will slap elder brother. Mohit says shut up, I pay money for the shop, you go and talk to Sooraj. Vikram says you are very selfish. Mohit says Sooraj is not like you. Vikram gets angry and slaps Mohit. The people laugh seeing them. Sooraj comes in between and stops them.

He asks are they mad to fight on the road, and why. He asks Vikram to say. Vikram tells about 9 lakh loan. Sooraj says I will manage. He asks all the people to leave. He asks Vikram and Mohit did Bhabho and Babasa give you this values to fight. He says join relations, there is nothing much than relations, and explains them the value of relations, and not money. He says you both won’t pay 9 lakhs, Babasa gave the word and I will fulfill it, I will arrange the money. Sandhya is in library and asks for 10th class maths book. Zakir hears her and comes to her. He gets the book and says take it. She smiles.

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He asks about Chotu’s result. She says it was not so good, his marks are low. I was seeing books for him. He asks about Sooraj. What did he say? She says Chotu has sent that message, not Sooraj ji, we decided that we will teach Chotu together, he will come my home and then Sooraj will teach him, it should not affect Chotu’s future. Zakir says he has a good news. She asks is he marrying. He laughs and says no, something else. She asks what. He says our department has chosen me for training in Scotland. She says congrats, its big dream to get training there. I m very happy for you. He says the other name is….. guess…. She guesses some… He says ASP Sandhya Rathi. She is shocked.

He shows the offer letter and she reads it. Sooraj talks to the loan manager, and says we got late in returning money, and gives the shop papers of his sweet shop, if he can’t repay money in one week, then he can sell his shop. He says I have a small request, don’t come home and not insult my family. The loan manager calls Ankur and tells everything. Ankur says its good news, that Soorraj kept his shop mortgaged. Ankita hears this and asks what is he doing, do you want to get Rathi family on road, don’t forget humanity in revenge, will Sandhya forgive us knowing this.

He says I m doing what I should do being her brother, they have hurt my only sister. Sooraj has rejected my sister, I will not leave him. Bhabhi asks Chotu did Sooraj agree to send you to Sandhya for studying. Chotu says yes. Bhabho is glad. Meenakshi brings the good news and says Gayatri Kakisa invited us for her bahu’s baby shower. She shows the laddoos and says doctor gave delivery dates closer to mine. Chavi says you forget the laddoo, and reminds her about her second delivery. Meenakshi says I was not asking to keep my function. She says since hijack came, all bad news came home. Chavi says yes, you will be happy to get gifts.

Bhabho says she will keep Meenakshi’s baby shower, it will be grand and they will call everyone. Meenakshi gets happy. Sooraj comes home. Bhabho tells him about the function. Bhabho says she wants to do Meenakshi’s baby shower. Sooraj asks her to invite everyone and do anything you feel right. She asks everyone? Will you mind if I call Sandhya. Sooraj stays silent.

Sooraj goes to drop Chotu at Sandhya’s home. Sandhya looks at them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Not good… But better

  2. Very boring

  3. Sandhya will not goto Scotland because of some issue of Sooraj then he will realize

  4. New love story for sandhiya and zakir…big dilemma for her!!!

  5. Not good but better than hijack. ..

  6. Love suraj rathi is the best …rocks diya aur baati hum. suraj rathi love diya baati

  7. It’s interesting love the serial it’s gng awesome

  8. I hope that sandhya and zakir will go to scotland for training togeather…

  9. sandhya and sooraj like diya aur baati… sandhya will not go scotland. this is only for twist

  10. Sandhya should go to scotland.When sandhya goes away frm suraj &it becomes unable to see her,he’ll realise his luv 4 her.Definitely there’ll be fight in true luv.So the fight & misunderstanding b/w Suraj & Sandhya now is must.

  11. After lovers fight end, then Sandhya and Sooraj will go to Scotland for second honey moon before she starts her taining.

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