Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th April 2013 Written Update

Shagun event starts. The groom’s side men arrive and bride’s side welcome them by giving rose. Kamala bahu is holding the flower tray and Sandhya gives it to all. Suraj hesitates to take it but then takes. Thakursa welcomes Dadasa and co. Chavvi whispers to Bhabho that Dadasa is looking good and Maasa is definitely going to lose the challenge. Dadasa asks them to bring Maasa. Bhabhasa tells Dadasa that Maasa might not come because of the rashes on her face. Two of the bahus comment on the issue saying everything is spoilt by Emily and how Maasa would not show her rashed face to others, especially on the wedding occasion. Sandhya goes to bring Maasa.

Thakursa order the ladies to serve juice to all and they serve. Sandhya brings Maasa who has covered her face with a big veil. They make her sit beside Dadasa. Dadasa demands her to show her face before giving the shagun things. Maasa is worried. She calls Sandhya and says something in her ears. Sandhya tells Dadasa that they have to be patient to see her face. Shaghun starts, Dadasa wears a big fingerring to Maasa, all appreciate it. He then takes out the necklace and Maasa tries to take it from him but Dadasa says this is special necklace made for the wedding and he will put it by himself on her neck. Maasa does not agree to open her veil. Dadasa says he won’t budge today and gives them time till midnight and if Maasa does not open her veil, he will come back after midnight and remove the veil and put the necklace. He challenges the ladies to get the necklace within midnight if they could.

Maasa and her bahus in her room. Maasa says at any cost, she won’t show her face and get insulted but she has to get the shagun necklace as she has never lost any challenge ever. On the other hand, Dadasa and other men talking about Maasa would not be at peace until she gets this necklace before midnight and they have to hide it in proper place as they don’t want to lose it to the ladies side. They speak about one by one of the men there and how they will fail in front of their wives. Dadasa finally decides to give the necklace to Suraj to keep it safe. One of the cousins of Suraj warn Dadasa saying how Suraj got lost during haldi function. Dadasa says he knows it and does not believe Suraj but has full faith on Sandhya as she is different from other bahus.

The ladies speak it is already 11 p.m. and what will happen. Maasa is teasing all her bahus one by one and does not think they can get her the necklace. Sandhya comes to the room with a water jug then. Maasa thinks only Sandhya can get it and asks her to woo Suraj and get the necklace. Sandhya refuses she cannot and she does not know. Maasa asks Bhabho to teach her. Bhabho feels very uncomfortable. Maasa then tells she will teach Sandhya.

Precap: Sandhya refuses to obey Maasa saying she would not be able to do. Maasa tells it is an issue of her pride and if she loses this challenge, she would be angry on Sandhya and asks whether Sandhya wants to break their friendship.

Update Credit to: b2011

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