Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj rushing to deliver sweets. Sandhya says bank manager could not meet now, you got late, you have to meet him next week now. Sooraj signs its fine and wipes his tears. More customers come and orders sweets. Sooraj asks him to sit, and he will make fresh sweets. He recalls Babasa and Bhabho’s words. Sooraj asks Birju to do the work and goes. Vikram and Meenakshi have a talk. He says he is worried for Sooraj, he dreamt so big, he is scared to think Sooraj can fail. Meenakshi asks him not to worry since Sooraj does not ask money from them.

Bulbul calls her and says she spoke to her dad, she can work from tomorrow. Meenakshi smiles and thanks her. She dances and Misri comes to her. Meenakshi says she was talking to her BF. Misri says I will ask Sandhya to find the number and details. Meenakshi asks what does she want. Misri says just three suits and Meenakshi asks why, where will money come from. Misri says fine, I will tell everyone. Meenakshi says fine, but just 2. Misri says thanks and hugs her. She says I knew you will bargain. Meenakshi says why did I have almonds at her time.

Sooraj brings Bhabho to temple. He says he was 14 years old when he started Rathi sweet shop and she got him here. He says you have prayed to Lord for my success and I m successful sweet maker today. She says yes, how can I forget that day, it was a new start for me too, I used to see you from this window and thank Lord. He says I saw a dream, I want you to pray for me again. She says I will pray again for your new work success. She sits to light diyas. She prays to Lord and Sooraj looks on and hugs her.

Sandhya gets a message. She reads Sooraj’s message asking her to get family at his shop. Sooraj looks at his shop and cries. Sandhya takes Bhabho and Babasa there. Bhabho asks what happened. Sooraj tells about the shop closure and makes Bhabho print her hands on the walls. Sooraj asks Babasa to do anything. Babasa asks what can I do for you and sees the big spoon, recalling Bhabho has given you this. Sooraj says yes, I took this and made my identity.

He says I want you to give this to me again so that I keep its respect. Bhabho hands it over to him. Sooraj gives flowers to Sandhya and asks her to decorate the shop. Sooraj makes jalebis and his tears also fall in the oil. Sandhya asks what happened. Sooraj says he will make samosas and jalebis today. Meenakshi asks is this any special occasion. Everyone smile. Golu says his list. Vikram says enough. Sooraj asks them to sit inside, and he will serve them.

Emily asks whats special today. Sooraj says its special, sit with kids. Sandhya looks at Sooraj. Sooraj and Sandhya serve everyone. Sandhya asks him why is he crying if he is spreading happiness. He smiles and recalls the moments when he taught her to make Daal Baati. She smiles and FB shows their old moments. She says she remembers every moment spent with him. She reminds how she came to clean the shop for the first time. FB shows how she slipped and Sooraj helps her. She sees the recorder and asks him. He says he wants to save some special moments forever. He asks her to come as samosas got ready. She says why did he call everyone today and making them have sweets, its not just shop, but his happiness, his heartbeat, his dreams. She cries seeing him.

A man removes the board of the shop, and Ved stops him. Everyone see it and are stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Tragedy episode. …
    Twist ka tablet… started for sooraj’s dream. .
    From today too many twists will be shown in DABH till sooraj reaches his dream… Director won’t complete that much faster

  2. Jeyam Ramachandran

    The director has decided to make Sooraj the owner of a hotel. So it’s not far to see him a business magnate.

  3. Best of luck Sooraji!!!

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