Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th December 2013 Written Update

every one are applauding for Suraj, while sandhya walks off from them fuming, suraj goes off after all.

Meena is looking for diapers and when he finds them she is happy and is heading back with it when she bumps into garbage bin and more diapers from it spills off, she was putting them in and notices that Mohits wife is talking to some guy who is asking her money for items, she asks him to wait and she was heading upstairs to bring money when meenakshi is super scared and hides behind a cupboard near chavi door, door is breaking eggs in her room so that she can apply it to her hair and wonders where she should throw the shells as if anyone will see it she is dead meat, even meena feels the foul smell but dismisses it and was about to go downstairs when chavi comes off

from her room, both ladies, hide their items behind and try talking in normal manner and meena goes back downstairs while chavi is sacred and tensed thinking had meena noticed egg shells in her hand? as she didnot ask much of questions but then again she dismisses the thought and goes to throw them off. and places the shell in same garbage where used diapers were dumped .

Suraj finds sandhya sitting near steps all fumed up and he asks her why she is here? she then tells him just like that, he understands that she is upset and starts teasing her by comparing her with the dancer and saying how dancer made him dance and at same time she made a picture and all, sandhya is more pissed off, he then keeps on going on and on about her when sandhya tells him that she is also capable of doing it and tells him that she will do it now , he says not here and not now every one will see it let me arrange colors. its night time when suraj places some colors and she comes there and both of them play with it while trying steps and all and then she rushes inside cottage to free herself of colors when suraj goes there sees her shadow on cloth partition and talks to her why she left and then he was lost in her way of brushing her hair and when she aks him why he seem so distracted in his voice, he says he was lost in the way she was brushing off her hair, sandhya does it again and he notices that in the shadow, and then asks how it is now? he tells her she is best piece of art and turns her shadow towards him and she turns and places her arms around his shoulder when she says she is looking very beautiful… sandhya is uncomfortable and tells him that the should head back home, suraj tells why is she in a rush? they both walk towards the partition of cloth and hold hands and feel each other through the cloth partition while wind is nicely blowing in the bg , suddenly the partition gives way and he holds her in his hands and they both walk in direction , and then our signature song of DABH in bg then hugs each other and then keep walking backward and bumps onto a upside down bed and well it falls flat and she falls on to him, , they roll and flower petals on her, n u guess it all nice scenes for audience.. its beautiful n piece of art work to show such closeness n intimation without vulgarity, i am always hesitating to do WU for intimate scenes as i dont like such scenes but DABH never over does and one knows, glad i watched show after a very very long time, thanks Rami baby …

Some guy was telling suraj that since sandhya will become IPS soon she has to go to which ever area posting she gets and suraj has to follow her , bhaboo hears it and is upset

Update Credit to: breezy

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