Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th April 2013 Written Update

Maasa hides herself away in a room and refuses to face others. Sandhya and Suraj along with others convince her to come out. She comes out with the red patches clearly showing on her face and sure that everyone must be waiting for a chance to laugh at her. She is very angry with Emily, wishing that she has seen through her earlier itself. Sandhya tries to pacify her saying that they will call a doctor immediately and get the areas treated quickly. but Chhavi retorts that it’s impossible for the spots to clear off soon, which only makes Maasa more upset.

Here, Daisa catches Meena’s mom as the culprit because both of them had switched toe-rings earlier on. Meena is shocked.

Daisa announces to all assembled ladies that Meena’s mother is the thief who has stolen her papads from terrace and mentions finding a toe-ring. Meena’s mother is angry and unwilling to take the blame saying that she is innocent. Daisa challenges them that she will search RM to trace all of those papads. Meena understands the matter and panics. She handles the matter and tells Daisa that there must be a misunderstanding…it’s so silly to report something like stolen papads to police. She promises that she and her mother will personally see to it that they make enough papads to make Daisa happy.

BhaSan convo where she basically keeps repeating that Sandhya has not only betrayed Maasa’s faith in her but also failed her challenge. She feels that Sandy is being very stubborn in defending Emily and in doing so has shamed the Rathis . She basically tries to pin all blame on Sandy. Sandhya says that she doesn’t care about the challenge but the matter here is of grave importance pertaining to Momli marriage and giving rights to the inborn child. Bhabho falls silent on hearing that. She asks Suraj whether he will help her to convince Emily to stay back and help her bridge the gap between Maasa and Emily. He agrees and leaves with her.

SurYa in Emily’s room: Emily ranting about repeated insults and how Maasa is blaming her for everything. Sandhya asks her to understand Maasa’s point of view and how she is upset for her looks , dreading to even look into the matter. Emily retorts that no matter how hard she tries, she is never able to gain her affections and hates the way Maasa refers to her own bahus with all that name-calling. Sandhya tries to convince her that she has to think about her child and consequences of her leaving. But Emily refuses to listen.

Sandhya finally tries one last trick and makes up a story about some girl coming in today who will be considered for Mohit. and tells her that Suraj was anyway on his way to pick her up form the bus stop. So it would not be a problem for Suraj to drop her on the way to the bus stop. Emily gets disturbed and refuses to go. SurYa’s expressions maker her realize that it was all a made-up story.

Sandy convinces her that things take time. how could she expect Maasa to just bless her and accept her, given her traditional beliefs? By being emotional, Emily cannot take the easy way out in the midst of tough challenges and basically gets her to see reason.

Meena and her mom at RM, both literally ‘papad bel rahe hain’ (making papads) .

Emily and Sandy enters Maasa’s room. Maasa’s beendni is at the door and Maasa is hiding under a big veil.

Emily apologies to Maasa, who is upset and in tears that the one who’s having a wedding cannot even show her face to others. Sandy also requests Maasa to relent. but Maasa wonders what good will asking for forgiveness do, and nothing can undo what has already happened to her face.

Episode ends with Sandhya thinking.

Precap: Maasa in a big veil and her husband declaring that if she ends up hiding her face he will not like it and would give her time until midnight by which time he will take off her veil. Everyone is shocked and look at each other. Maasa is looking at Sandy with scared eyes who is perplexed..

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