Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Rathi family having a talk. Emily offers help to Meenakshi and she asks her to go to parlor. She asks Chavi to go and get her dresses from tailor. Chavi asks her to send Emily. Sandhya resumes duty and Bhabho asks her to be careful as she is pregnant now, and not much work much, she will send homely food tiffin. Sooraj says he will come with Sandhya to drop her, and goes along. Bhabho tells Meenakshi to see Sandhya going on duty even in pregnancy, not like you to sit idle.

Meenakshi says yes and I want to have halwa made by you. She says you are making it for Sandhya, keep some for me also. Bhabho says she will make for her also. Meenakshi says thanks. They smile. Bhabho says time will pass soon and Sooraj’s baby will come to us. Sooraj takes sweet order. Mohit and Vikram think why did Sooraj call them to his shop. They ask Sooraj why did he call them. Sooraj says I wanted to talk to you both. He orders tea.

He says whatever happened yesterday and asks about Pari having a sister or brother. They ask what. Sooraj says I m becoming father for the first time, so I want to ask something. They get glad and say I feel you are saying about Meenakshi and Emily. Sooraj says no, past is past. Sooraj asks them how to keep Sandhya happy, as he heard woman should be happy in her pregnancy so baby can be healthy.

Vikram says yes and tells about Meenakshi liking food and Mohit says Emily did not rest. They tell about what woman like and how they run to fulfill their food cravings. Sooraj notes down and they laugh. They ask Sooraj to be careful and joke on Sandhya being police officer to beat him if he does not fulfill her cravings. Bhabho tells Meenakshi that she does not trust her and asks her not to eat much halwa. She leaves. Meenakshi says she will just see the boxes and see if Bhabho is still being partial and adding more dry fruits to Sandhya’s halwa.

She says she will not see else she will like to eat the dry fruits. The man comes and says Babasa got him to give raw mangoes. She thinks to eat the pickles. He keeps a box there. Meenakshi works to stitch come clothes. The man keeps the raw mangoes. Sooraj comes there and she reminds him to take tiffin for Sandhya. The man takes the other tiffin and Sooraj takes the man’s tiffin.

Sooraj comes to Sandhya and brings the tiffin. She asks what is she eating. She hides the snacks. He says he got food for her, and Bhabho has sent this, she should make time table for everything. Bhabho comes home and Meenakshi says she made the sweaters for baby. Bhabho asks her did she send Sandhya’s tiffin. Meenakshi says Sooraj came and I asked him to take it, you make halwa for you also, as I think your eye vision is going by old age, you told its pink box, but it was blue box. Bhabho says I m fine, the box was pink, it has my name.

Meenakshi says I saw Sooraj taking blue box. Bhabho says there is something wrong and thinks did she get wrong box. Bhabho goes out and scolds the man for having the desi ghee halwa she made for her pregnant bahu. The man says I did not know this, I thought my wife made this for me and I have eaten it. She asks does he not identify the food made by his wife and sees her name on the box. He says I m sorry, I was hungry and did not see this in hurry. She scolds him and says my bahu is hungry there.

He says why, she can have the food my wife made for me. Sandhya says she is hungry, she will have food. Bhabho says my bahu is police officer and likes food by me, she will not have food made by your wife. Sandhya eats the food.

Sandhya says she is not hungry and goes to her room. Bhabho worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please don’t create unnecessaruly mess abt Sadhya’s pregnancy

  2. Stupid Director. Started Unnecessary tracks. Stupid suspense’s on sandhya pregnancy.

  3. No no not need such a waste episodes about too much over action in case of sandhya pregnancy.

  4. Fine with the episode.
    But it seems director making some idiotic tracks.
    now meenakshi is clean. y stupid ideas to spoil her.
    Expected but too much over action in caring sandhya.
    Sooraj asking mohit and vikram about sandhya caring. very funny. 😉

  5. Please don’t create any unnecessary issues in sandhyas pregnancy. Please let her live something which is normal. And please don’t think of a miscarriage and surrogacy and second marriage and all.please… It is seen in all serials.please

  6. too much over action on Sandhya’s pregnancy…. but this dragging will happen till 1000 episodes then leap starts….

  7. Jeyam Ramachandran

    The translator was not aware of the difference between a snack and a piece of chalk that Sandhya was eating. It is called pica of pregnant women, the inordinate and extraneous cravings for items like mangoes, ashes and chalk etc. The growing fetus needs more iron, carotene and other essential nutrients but the cravings of women do not seem to adjust the body needs.

  8. such a idiotic episode. please don’t drag dis pregnancy episode longer. it’s soon boring

  9. its nice sooraj taking care of sandhya and bhabu also. very nice superbbbbb

  10. nice episode. but dragging is too much………………..

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