Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with teacher complaining about Chotu. Sooraj asks Chotu about it. The teacher asks Sooraj and Sandhya to see Chotu’s study schedule and I know your family has disturbances and I think eve Chotu got disturbed, but now I think everything is fine, please focus on his studies. She says I m noticing Chotu is very upset and something is troubling him a lot, try to know the reason from him after going home, once the problem goes, he will study well. The loan manager asks Babasa to return the money soon, as he needs it now. Babasa says give us 2-3 days, we will return soon. The man says I did not ask 2-3 days time when you asked me, and when I need my own money, you are asking time. Babasa says no. Bhabho says calm down, we will talk, sit.

She says you helped us, thanks, we are requesting you. Babasa says you know its big amount and its impossible for us to get it. The man says you should have thought before taking it, I have arranged from anywhere and when I need it, you also arrange it from anywhere. Meenakshi says you are saying as if we don’t want to return the money, are you not taking interest, even bank people won’t be after us like this. The man asks her to give money and he will leave. He says I can see you people cheating me. Sooraj asks Chotu whats all this. Chotu explains.

Sooraj and Sandhya argue about Chotu, and their different opinions. Sooraj says I will take his responsibility. Chotu says but you teach me some subjects and Sandhya some. Sooraj and Sandhya taunt each other on the marks for subjects they taught Chotu. Chotu smiles seeing them talk like before. Babasa says we are respecting you, don’t talk like this, we are not running from home, we have respect and we are not cheaters. The man says give me money if you want your self esteem. The people come and Babasa asks them to go. He asks the man to leave. Bhabho says my three sons are not at home, let them come, I will talk to them.

The man says I don’t want to make any scene, you should be thankful to me that your treatment happened because of me, I will not run to get my money. She says yes, but such big amount, how will we get money now. The man asks them to sell the shop and give his money. Meenakshi scolds him. Babasa says you will get the money till evening. Bhabho asks why. Babasa says I will sell my shop, but I will return money. The man says I will wait, if I don’t get, then you won’t like this. Meenakshi thinks her shop can go. Emily thinks Meenakshi can plan to risk her shop, I have to talk to Mohit.

Sooraj says I m not giving time to Chotu for studies since months, it does not mean…. She says even I did not give him time, we both were busy and its good you messaged me and called me here, else I would have not known this. Sooraj says what, I did not message you. She says you messaged me to come here for PTM. Sooraj says don’t blame me, I did not message. She shows the message. Sooraj says I did not do this. Chotu holds his ears.

Meenakshi tells everything to Vikram and says Emily said we will sell our shop and repay the loan. Vikram says did I take the loan for my shop, Mohit is also responsible, I will make him pay too, see what I do now, this time I will not let him say anything. She says they can’t bring medicines, they won’t sell the shop, I will sell jewelry. He says you know me, when I get bad, I forget all the goodness. She says they went to deposit the money. Emily talks to Mohit and says I told Meenakshi that we will bear Bhabho’s expenses together, and she did not understand. She says I will sell my jewelry. Mohit says no, I will talk to Vikram, where is he. She says he went to market. Mohit leaves.

Vikram and Mohit meet and argue about their shops. They say they won’t sell their shops. Meenakshi and Emily look on. Mohit says I know you took the loan, but I will not repay, if you loved Bhabho, you would have sold your shop. Meenakshi scolds Mohit, and Emily argues. Vikram says Meenakshi said it right. Mohit argues with Meenakshi and Vikram. The people see them arguing. Vikram says she is my wife, you talk to her with respect. He taunts Mohit and they fight. Emily taunts Meenakshi for cheating her child and family. Meenakshi taunts her for being pregnant without marriage. Mohit says Meena Bhabhi……. And stops her. The people look on.

Sooraj and Sandhya agree to teach Chotu together. Chotu asks don’t you have to say anything. Sooraj says I will teach you from tomorrow. Diya aur baati…………plays…… She says I agree. Sooraj leaves with Chotu.

Bhabho says she wants to do Meenakshi’s baby shower. Sooraj asks her to invite everyone. She asks will you mind if I call Sandhya. Sooraj stays silent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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