Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho taking to Sandhya. Bhabho says she has seen Chander leaving and Babasa is not at home. Aditi tells Sooraj that she can’t take any new player directly. She asks him to say what she should do. He asks her to agree to the minister, its wrong with them in both ways. He says atleast we can get a chance to play and our hope will be alive. He says you know we have worked hard to prove ourselves as a good player, why to sacrifice 10 people’s dreams for one person, we have proved our talent, can’t you trust me. Aditi says its kabaddi team, one weak player can risk the team. He says its your fears, maybe truth can be anything else, maybe minister’s son can play well or we can cover his weakness.

She says your self confidence and courage is great, he is arguing with her and saying her decision is wrong, he will be a great leader. He says if fighting for our right, and saying our heart out is leader, she can make him leader. She says sorry, its nothing like that, I can see you are stubborn, I remember your dream of starting a hotel, you need money for that, you came to play kabaddi for money, am I right. Sooraj says yes. He says I will play honestly. She says if earning money is the aim, then ways can change, I m team owner and I will decide, you can go thanks. Sooraj leaves.

Sandhya follows Chander and informs everything to Zakir. He asks her to send his location and come to police station. She says no, I m following him. Aditi comes to everyone and says Sooraj has made her change her decision, now they will play in kabaddi mahasangram. The minister and his son come there. The media follows. Sandhya misses Chander as her car breaks down. She follows him on her bike. Aditi says he is Raj, and they all want to know who is he. She says I want Sooraj to introduce him, as he is here because of him.

They get glad that Sooraj convinced Aditi. Sooraj says this is Raj Pratap, the 11th player of the team, he is minister’s son. They ask why 11th, we are already 10. Sooraj says yes, I know but Raj will also play with us. Babban and everyone say they have done training and did camp by hardwork, this is injustice with them. Avinash says we don’t agree to Sooraj, who is he to decide. Aditi says he has chosen captain for the team, and its Sooraj. They all are shocked.

Avinash says how can she do this, he has performed well in all rounds, Sooraj has just spoken and made relation, we are here to play, not make relations. Mahendra asks media to stop recording. Sandhya follows Chander’s car and thinks where is he taking Babasa. Bhabho sits worried and thinks Sandhya did not call till now. Aditi says Avinash is right, he did best in all tasks, he said right about Sooraj, he has united everyone, he has convinced coach to stay and supported Lakhan, and made me change my decision today.

Sandhya gets the cycle and thinks she will not let Chander take Babasa. Aditi says I m sure Sooraj will be proved a good captain. Prem asks how did this Raj came in between, does he know kabaddi. Raj says I know playing kabaddi, I have played many sports till now. Sandhya is seen in the live feed by someone. Sandhya goes through rough ways to reach the car.

Aditi says she has done as Sooraj told her, not he has to manage, she is giving the team’s responsibility to him, their victory and failure depends on him, I don’t know how Raj plays, you have to see his weaknesses and also that your needs does not change your honesty, all the best. Sandhya falls down and runs to stop the car. The police comes there and stops the car. Sandhya comes there and asks Chander to come out. She asks where is Babasa.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that he is standing in the ground where the kabaddi mahasangram will come, and asks about everyone. She says Babasa…………

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. great episode…..
    wow sooraj is d captain……

  2. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Political pressure and corruption is everywhere. If the new comer does not play well one of his legs should be broken and he ‘d be given rest for rest of the tournament. One more thing.. How did Sandya get the bike ready for her at the place where her car broke down.?The director is famous for doing such magics.

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