Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pawar telling Sandhya the truth of Kavita. Sandhya is shocked. The FB scene shows Kavita bribing Pawar. He tells Sandhya that Kavita called him home to give him work to stop Sandhya from her rally. Sandhya says I don’t know about Kavita, I know you, you are telling a story to me, if you think I will believe you then you are wrong. He says I m surrendering myself, but I can’t take the blame. He tells Kavita that he is Sandhya’s fan after she has saved people from fire, and he won’t go against her. He has not taken the money from Kavita and turned down the offer. He praises Sandhya infront of Kavita, she is gold hearted madam.

Kavita was shocked and reminded him how Sandhya has taken his money. Pawar did not bend to Kavita. Kavita says if you don’t do my work, anyone else will do. Pawar says Sandhya has me with her, I will always protect her. He asks Kavita to win people’s heart by humanity, else she will fail. Pawar tells Sandhya that he did not agree to Kavita’s bribe and now he is innocent and everyone are chasing her. He says I don’t care if you arrest me, but I want to save you. He asks can’t a goon have any morals. Sandhya asks him to show some proof of his innocent.

He says fine, maybe you will decide about me. He asks who informed you about wine, she was using it, Kavita is the mastermind after all this. She tried to take the wine from Hetal. Sandhya thinks. Pawar says you caught cash in ambulance, it was Kavita’s who was using it to buy votes. He says Kavita went to your home and scared Bhabho to stop you from going on night duty. Pawar says call home and ask them did Kavita tell Bhabho or not. Sandhya calls home and Meenakshi takes the call.

Sandhya says I want to talk to Bhabho. Meenakshi says she is not at home, tell me whats the matter. Sandhya asks her did Kavita come home to talk to Bhabho. Did she tell Bhabho to stop me from going on night duty. Meenakshi says yes, I remember, Kavita said its not safe to do night duty, I like Kavita, she worried for you so much. Sandhya is shocked and ends the call. Pawar asks did you confirm you, now you know I m innocent. Sandhya says yes, Kavita went there but it does not prove you are innocent, I have to arrest you, as Kavita has proof against you.

Pawar says trust me, I m innocent. Sandhya thinks. Kavita’s rally begins. They hear this. Pawar says see its her campaign. She has used you against me, tell me if I did anything against her, did she go to police station, no, she went to you for rally, why would I explain you if I was wrong. He says I would have gone missing, but I wanted to tell you the truth. Sandhya thinks is Pawar right, should I trust him, what to do now.

Dilip comes to Chavi and she is annoyed. He says I did not scold you. I was angry as where did the money go, what did you buy, you should have asked me, the cheque would have not bounced, I m feeling ashamed. Chavi says fine, gives him his card. She says I don’t want any card now. He says you don’t have to ask me, its our money, think wise before spending it, tell me after spending it. She says I don’t want this card now, keep it.

Sandhya calls the SP and tells him that she came to know something. She tells him everything about Kavita. She says give me some time, I will solve the case. SP says I trust you, but we have less time, finish the matter before the rally. I don’t want anything wrong to happen, use all the law powers. Pawar comes to meet Kavita at the hospital and sees Sooraj. Kavita says I will leave now. Bhabho says take care and have medicines on time. Kavita smiles. Sooraj says don’t worry, everything will be fine in the rally. We all are with you. Sooraj says I will go and leave Kavita. She says no, I m fine, I will go. They leave. Kavita is shocked to see Pawar.

Sooraj sees Pawar’s pic and tells Sandhya that I saw him in the hospital. He says I m worried about Kavita.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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