Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a few year leap in the show. Babasa and Bhabho are happily talking, and a neighbor comes to taunt her about Sandhya, who is in Jodhpur since 10 years and not meeting her son till now. Bhabho defends Sandhya and how she always prays for her sons, being a police officer and saving many people. Sandhya is at a task to save many children in the school, whom a mad man has held captive. She says I m reaching now. The man asks them not to test him, he will kill all the kids, and gives them 10 mins.

Sandhya comes there and they all salute her. She sees the lock to the terrace and asks for a gun. She goes to terrace and aims at the man by the rifle. She thinks how the old couple run with Ved and Vansh, and how they lost Vansh by that man jumping in cliff. The kids cry. The man count downs. She shoots the man when he counts one. The man falls down. The staff smiles and they all rush to the terrace to take the kids. She asks the kids not to be afraid, nothing happens. A boy hugs her calling her mumma. She gets sad and he says I want to go to my mum.

Bhabho does the puja for Misri, Pari, Golu, Ved and last one for Vansh. Babasa sees her crying. He says we have many grandchildren, and we are hurt when we think about Vansh, think about Sandhya, she is alone in Jodhpur, how does she hold herself there. The commissioner praises Sandhya for saving 200 kids and giving new life to them. Sandhya says its new life for parents too, I m a mum and can understand the pain and happiness. The boss asks her to cheer up, as she is going to Pushkar to her husband and son. Sandhya says I m happy.

Her senior says all kids said they want to become police officer like you. Sandhya says all kids are clear what they want to become. Ved is shown. Sandhya tells her about her son Ved, he is very focused, and determined. Ved sees Daisa having a dupatta and says I will make this Hanuman Langot. Daisa says I will complain about you to Sandhya. Ved runs and comes home.

He breaks the wooden stick and comes to Emily’s beauty parlor. She asks whats all this. Ved sees a necklace and takes it. He says think this is donation from your side in Ram Leela. Emily smiles seeing the smiley he made on mirror. Ved tells Jai Shree Sooraj Rathi and kids laugh. Ved shows his power and throws things.

The place catches fire. Sandhya says he made my name shine, everyone call him Kanha. They laugh. A kid tells Sooraj about Ved has ignited fire on the stage. Sooraj runs there. Bhabho asks what happened and goes after him. Babasa follows. They see the fire and Sooraj takes Ved from the stage. They ask Ved is he fine. Ved nods and goes back to stage to get his things back.

Sooraj asks why did he go back. Ved says to take this, and shows his pic. Sooraj hugs him and asks him to promise to be away from fire. Ved promises and asks him to promise that he will not say this to mummy. Bhabho and Babasa cry. Sandhya sees Ved’s pic and the man says the car is ready. Sandhya says I m coming Ved to give you a big surprise.

Daisa says she will call Sandhya and tell her everything. Ved says it will be problem, and asks for help from Misri and Pari.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode…hope this serial b like before in d leap…

  2. Hey guyzz…….

  3. Hii angel…aaj ka epi nice tha..

  4. The episode was nice

  5. Hii saniya…aap kaisi ho..

  6. Mai theek hoo…aap kaisi ho,..yeh serial thoda better hota ja raha hai na…angel

  7. I am fine…aap sahi keh rahi hoo…yeh serial acha ja raha hai..

  8. Can we become friend angel..

  9. Of course….saniya..waise tum konse class mein padti hu…

  10. Main 11th class main aur tum..

  11. Main 10 th main….

  12. K bye saniya thode der main mklte hai…

  13. K ma frieng angel..

  14. This episode is mixture of all police movies. …
    Not vanish. ..its look like ved will become a gang star and sandhya kills ved.

  15. DABH came out of all the end points…..Started 2nd innings and this show will never get a end point.
    2nd innings- ved become ips
    3rd innings- ved son ips
    4th innings- ved grand son
    again a girl will take birth in rathi family. ..
    Story continue’s…..
    No end…

  16. Diya baati rocks

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