Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chotu recalling Sandhya’s words to pass in exams and promising her. He tells everyone that he promised Sandhya and now his hand got broken, how will he write exams. He cries. Bhabho asks him to go and rest, not think this. Sooraj says I will go this school and talk to teacher, maybe she will say any other way. He leaves. Mohit and Emily request Pushpa to give one chance to Chavi. Pushpa agrees and says we will come and take Chavi, I will tell Bhabho. Emily says don’t say anything to Bhabho, we did not tell her about Chavi’s illness, she has just come from hospital, if she knows this, she can’t bear this shock.

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Pushpa says I understand, fine we will not say anything, we will come tomorrow to take Chavi. Mohit thanks her. They leave. Emily asks what will we tell Chavi. He says we will tell Chavi, she wants to come back in this house and she will accept this life. The teacher tells Sooraj that Chotu need a writer to write his answers, but the student should be not from his class. Sooraj thanks her. She says no one here can get time to write his exam. Sooraj says I will arrange someone, I know many people.

Sooraj comes home and tells everything to family. He says about someone to write Chotu’s exam. Chotu asks Mohit to write, and Mohit refuses. Chotu says I will fail. Mohit says give exam next year. Vikram says yes, what do you have to become by writing exam. Chotu says I don’t want to fail. Mohit says I m more qualified and can’t give exam, someone less qualified can write the exam, not me. Sooraj says I passed just 9th, I will write the exam. Mohit says Chotu studies in English medium, how will you write.

Vikram says yes. Sooraj says I will try, Sandhya taught me English. He gets sad by her name. He says he will prepare with Chotu and hugs him. Chotu says he will also teach Sooraj to write English. They leave. Mohit says why is Sooraj bearing business loss for Chotu. Vikram says he is adamant like kids. Bhabho says Sooraj has given importance to relations, as he is not like you both. Sooraj comes to meet Dilip and Pushpa. He asks Dilip why did he call him.

Pushpa says we want to talk to you about Chavi and Dilip. Dilip says Mohit and Emily came here. They told something, but like they told us, we did not trust them, I could not tell them, so thought to talk to you. Sooraj says fine, what did they say. Pushpa says they said Chavi has cancer. Sooraj is shocked as Dilip tells him everything. Pushpa says we want to know is this true, we don’t want to join relation based on lies.

Mohit tells Emily that Bhabho will hug them when Dilip takes Chavi home. Emily says I wish we win Bhabhoi and Babasa’s heart. Sooraj comes home and says you both should be ashamed.

Mohit and Emily are shocked. Sooraj scolds them. Mohit asks what is he saying. Sooraj says don’t give any explanation, I met Dilip and Pushpa, they told me what you both did. She asks how can you say Chavi has cancer, you go and see those who have that disease, were you not ashamed to do this. Mohit says he could not see Bhabho and Chavi sad. Sooraj says lie can’t make relations, I have told them the truth, else they won’t have place in heart for her. Emily says you have seen how Dilip has not heard Babasa, so we thought to lie and settle Chavi.

Mohit says yes, Chavi is alone. Sooraj says she is not alone, I m still alive, her parents are there. Mohit says sorry, but can you heal her heart wounds, its punishment to live without life partner. Sooraj says living alone is not punishment. He leaves. Emily says she is sure that Sooraj will stay alone forever, is this his and Sandhya’s future?

Sooraj learns science word spellings from Chotu and writes them. Sooraj writes Sandhya instead sand. Diya aur baati…………plays…………….Chotu asks is he missing Sandhya. Bhabho comes to them and brings tea. Sooraj says Chotu is working hard and I want him to pass. Bhabho says Chotu will pass. She thinks Sooraj is doing this to complete Sandhya’s incomplete work, you will succeed.

Taisa comes and tells Bhabho that Sandhya is getting bravery award, see her on tv. Sooraj gives a message on news channel. Sandhya and everyone see it.

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  1. Sooraj and Sandhya not going to reunite now.. there is another big incident going to happen and then sandhya will come into picture. Sandhya took small break that’s why we can’t see her in completely in few more episodes.

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