Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya getting wine crates in the junk yard. She asks the man why is he doing this and on whose saying. She asks him not to lie. The man apologizes and says its not my fault, this wine is to be used in elections. He says I did this for Purohit’s saying. They say Purohit is a powerful man and he won’t accept he did this. The man says I kept it here to get some money, please forgive me. They say we have to take this wine in custody. Sandhya says no need, burn this wine. They say fine, we will burn this. Sandhya says you made the mistake, this time I m forgiving you but on one condition that you won’t do this again, next time you will be punished. Sandhya leaves from there.

Kavita tells Anu that her work is done. Sandhya thinks she is a good politician but she does not know the wine will reach me and I will use it to win elections, its profitable for us, Sandhya and Bhabho are fools. Bhabho thinks I got Sandhya her posting in Pushkar, but I did not do so. She laughs. She says the police will do what I tell them, it will be fun when I will get that wine, and Sandhya will be in problem. Dilip comes to meet Chavi and greets everyone. Sandhya meets him and is glad.

Dilip says congrats for getting best cadet trophy and then getting posting in Pushkar, my parents are also happy. Chavi says get ready as we all are going to hotel to have food and this treat is from Sooraj. Meenakshi says we will go in Sandhya’s car. Babasa also says the same. Sandhya asks Mohit about the application. Mohit says yes I applied, they said they will take action soon. Bhabho asks everyone to get ready fast. Bhabho says we will eat some food here as the hotel food will be costly. Babasa says don’t worry. I will manage everything. Everyone smile.

Sandhya gets ready in her room. Sooraj comes to her and she says lets go. She asks him to say how she is looking. He says you are very stubborn. He says you are looking very beautiful. He pulls her leg. She gets annoyed and says you mean Kavita is better than me. He gets tensed and runs after her. She pulls his leg and smiles. He stops her and looks at her. He kisses her on her cheek and music plays…………..Diya aur baati…………..plays…………….

He praises her and she smiles. She hugs him. Everyone leave in Sandhya’s car. Bhabho gets a gun in Sandhya’s purse. Bhabho says you are with family, what was the need to bring all this. They reach the hotel and does not get any table free. Meenakshi says where will we sit there, shall we stand and eat. Sandhya says no, we will see. Mohit’s friend Rahul meets him there. He asks where are you all these days, call atleast, what are you doing these days. Mohit says bank job and gets tensed. His friend says but you…… Mohit stops him saying and says we will talk on phone tomorrow.

Sooraj talks to the manager and gets a free table. Ketan calls Kavita and asks her to come and take the wine crates. Kavita says I m reaching there.

Sandhya keeps an eye on Ketan and says I did this to reach the real culprit behind all this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. superb episode today

  2. nice trick played by sandhya to catch the culprit red handed. great…

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