Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babasa asking Bhabho about what Sandhya said, is this true. Meenakshi says Sandhya does not lie, and she might be saying truth in bhang state. Babasa says what will be Sooraj thinking. Bhabho says we will know it when Sandhya wakes up. Sandhya wakes up and sees everyone around her. She gets up and asks Sooraj what happened, why are they here. Meenakshi asks her about Deepak and Jyoti. Sandhya says did I say this, I don’t know anyone by these names.

Bhabho asks her to say. Sooraj says we will ask later. She sends Emily to make ginger tea and asks Sooraj to ask Sandhya. Sooraj says how to ask her, and reminds Sandhya her words. Sandhya says why will I say anything like that. Babasa says Sandhya wanted Imli/Tamarind and asks her. Emily brings the tea. Sandhya says yes, I remember this, Emily came back today and they realized their mistake, we wanted this.

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Bhabho asks her to recall what happened next. Sandhya thinks and says what happened then, and asks Sooraj. Bhabho asks Sooraj to say. Sooraj says what should I say. Sandhya asks them what happened. Bhabho asks Sooraj to show her the video, maybe she will recall. Babasa says yes, show her. Sooraj says yes, and shows her the video in his phone. Sandhya sees her dancing and silly talking. She says Sooraj will become dad and she will become mum, she looks on and gets tensed.

Everyone look at her. Bhabho asks her to say what she said, is this true. They all ask her. She looks at Sooraj and smiles. She runs out. Bhabho says it means this good news is true and they all get glad. Bhabho says I m becoming Dadi, Sooraj will become dad. Babasa says yes, you got promoted, congrats and hugs him. Bhabho hugs Sooraj and blesses him. He says you both have given me a big news. Meenakshi reminds the game in her baby shower, she has thrown the flower on her. Sooraj goes to meet Sandhya.

Meenakshi says everyone came to know this, you used to say we should not say till three months. Bhabho says fine, they all will bless her, I will thank Lord. Sooraj and Sandhya congratulate each other. He says you told infront of everyone and then came here and slept. She says I came to tell you first and you felt I m joking. He says I m very happy, I feel our love got a new name, it got completed now. Diya aur baati………….plays…………. They smile.

Bhabho asks Babasa to get all dry fruits. He says its holi and shops are closed. She asks him to go to vendor’s house and get the items. He says fine, and laughs. She says she is very happy, I want to tell entire Pushkar. Babasa says Sandhya has told everyone. Bhabho says she was in bhaang state. They hear Meenakshi’s mum asking her to give birth to a son, and get ahead of Sandhya, else you will not get anything. Bhabho says her mum is again filling poison in her heart, she will never change, we did not do biasing in girl and boy. Babasa says she will not change.

Meenakshi says she can help Bhabho after her delivery, Ram and Sita are having baby, its so good, I would have danced if I was not pregnant. Her mum asks is she mad to be happy for them. Meenakshi says don’t make me wrong now, I m very happy for Sooraj and Sandhya, and he family has started a new life and now I will not do mine and yours. Bhabho and Babasa get glad hearing Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I will not listen to you now.

Bhabho cries and says Sooraj and Sandhya’s good news made everyone fine, the baby is very lucky. Babasa says yes, baby started uniting our family. She says yes, he will get imp of family from his parents’s blood.

Sandhya teases Sooraj and says I felt your best moment was when I told you Wo aini for the first time, and now this baby is being more close to us than our love. He says the baby will increase our love and hugs her. Diya aur baati…………plays………

Bhabho praises Sandhya and compares her with Meenakshi. Sandhya eats something in her office while working.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This Drama is really mojo, becoz This define some monkey’s and some already life of a virtual riople. So, This Is ahahahhaha

    1. y r u watching this?…

  2. So….chuweeettt……

  3. Nice episode.but it’s a review(confermation) of satdays episode…
    waiting for 2nd innings of DABH.
    Most awaiting about after leap episodes.

  4. nice episode…but director never change this type of precab suspence.

  5. very nice episode.
    But this director will never change.Started situation(unwanted tracks) around sandhya’s pregnancy(Precap).

  6. exiting episode……….very happy to see surYA and bhabhu…..bhabhu give real expression….want to some more sooraj sandhya scenes during the pregnancy cute…

  7. According to precap, it’s clear, this week also we have to watch some boring episodes(Dragging). As director going to make some stupid idea’s on sandy preggny

  8. Superb episode.
    On saturday episode,Sandhya’s acting & expressions were very nice.Today’s episode is also nice.
    Bt I think Meenakshi ‘ll become bad again as Bhabho is comparing her with Sandhya.

    1. whatever it is meena also gives some cute cute expression.. but today she give good reply to her maam as a rathi family bahu…

  9. today’s episode ,sandhya’s pregnency confirmed !!!
    minakshi is amazing in this episode.
    but see to precap sandhya eats chalk’s piece. interesting.

    1. I think its not chaik’s piece. may be that one is any sweets…..because sandhya’s pregnancy celebration……..

  10. Knowing about Bhabasa’s death news, I confirm Sandhya borns a boy (may be deepak ???).

    1. That means Arun Rathi will going to born. That is what one sad news and one good news.

  11. Knowing about Bhabasa’s death news, I confirm Sandhya borns a boy (may be deepak ???).
    grand father will back as grand child.

    1. bhabasa death news is not confirmed. may be it happen or not happen

  12. Director don’t drag the track and also don’t show any foolish stuff regarding Sandhya’s pregnancy.

  13. This week suspense… someone tries for Sandhya’s abortion….

  14. Before the leap starts, the complete family will get to know about Sandhya’s kidney donation…

  15. nice episode very happy to hear suraj and sandhya become a father and mother. all the members are acting very well.

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