Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Sandy wonders how it happened… She notices the footprints with vadiya mix. Follows that. Bhabo watches everything from the other side of the balcony. SAndy thinks who could do this & turns.. Bhabo hides quickly & notices chavi’s hair band left n the window pane side. She immediately calls chavi for investigation. Chavi nods immediately

Sandy asks chavi whether she came for taking the dried clothes. Chavi nods & sandy asks whether she spoiled those vadiyas .. Chavi quickly replies saying that how can vadiya struck to her leg when she herself has not spread the vadiya. Adds that she blames her unneceesarily. Sandy tells that she is telling the truth. Chavi tells that she is the only one who always tells the truth & bashes her saying that becoz of her

lies two of her matkas broke. Sandy drags chavi & asks whether she is nt ashamed of speaking about the matka thing. Adds that she has the proof of her lies. Sandy goes on to bring the proof. Bhabo watches carefully. Chavi is scared.

Sandy brngs the band aid & explans that she dragged her answer sheet & the seal on the paper pasted on the band age. Sandy adds that she wouldn’t have told these if she had not made her to do so .. She also tells that she gathered all these on the very next day. Adds that it is her weakness to hide it from bhabo. Chavi then pleads her that she will not repeat the same & adds that she did those out of bhabo’s fear. Bhabo hides & turns to see babasa.
SaRun room

Bhabo tells babasa that sandy took all the blame on her head after having the proof against chavi … adds that moreover took the blame of emily’s mistake & wonders what could be the reason behind this. Asks babasa saying that he knows her well (sandy ) & she is her favourite too. Babasa tells that he is in swarg today. Bhabo asks him to speak properly. Babasa tells that it is their fortune to have sandy who did all these for her sake… for not hurting her. Asks her to think that sandy is the shadow of her son who considers family as the first & foremost thing. Sandy stopped everything for the sake of family’s unity & her (Bhabo’s) happiness. Adds that sandy gave the cost of two Matkas when bhabo fought with her cheaply & she denied saying that there is no happiness in her dream. Adds that sandy did this so that no one can blame bhabo. By doing this she made bhabo fall even more in front of her sacrifice.


Babasa tells that without any doubt sandy is his favourite & why not. Goes on to add that she has the every quality & deserving too… Bhabo silently listens to everything (feels ashamed too). Babasa adds that she forgot that she is her DIL & who has a very kind heart. Asks bhabo to apologise to her. Bhabo tells that may be sandy has all the characters of a big DIL & adds that she has good heart everything. Tells that she is free of tension now. Babasa has tears. Bhabo asks why he is cryong like a child. Babasa tells that he will inform surya that there will be no more challenge in the house.. babasa leaves & bhabo stops him(with tears). Babasa asks what happened. Bhabo tells that she still doesn’t want sandy to become an IPS Adds that she has no problem with sandy’s dream but she doesn’t want to break the dharam of RM. If sandy wants to sacrifice let her sacrifice for the sake of family. Adds that let sandy use her brain for the sake of this family & keeping them united & happy forever.


Bhabo tells that she wants her DIL to be only the pride of RP nothing else is required. Bhabasa is shocked…Bhabo adds that she knows everything that anyone can think that she is adamant even after knowing the truth about sandy’s sacrifice. If sandy can untie emily & meena & keep the family intact it is more than an achievement for sandy. She adds that only the third matka is left & as soon as it breaks sandy will become free of her dream & will be the Bahu of RP & wife of suraj…

Precap: Suraj wonders where bhabo went. He inquires the same to the RP members. Babasa says that she has not informed anyone.

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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