Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Dhaisa calls the ladies of her neighbors to her house. Meena wonders whats the matter.At Maasa house SurYa and Emily ask Maasa’s beendini about the old lady. She tells the old lady is of another caste. Before she could say more, Maasa comes calling ladies to help her in choosing payal. Maasa takes SurYa with her asking Suraj to select payal for Sandy. Suraj seeing Bhabo face feels uncomfortable in choosing freely later Maasa insists in choosing for Sandy, Suraj chooses one and Maasa says its not so good and asks Sandy when she says she liked it a lot. Maasa smiles.

Emily thinks if Mohit does something like this for her she would happily wear. Bhabasa in between comes selects payal for Bhabo and asks to say something in their language (not sure what was it) and Maasa taunts Bhabo to say it now. Bhabo fearfull and shy says the line which leaves a smile on every ones face. Bhabasa is all happy.

Dhaisa in her house tells everyone that their happy news regarding the pota is still far but this is someting else and gives jiuce to all. Meean is tensed to know what it is. Later Dhaisa asks ladies to get some liquid in plate saying they will decorate ladies legs beautifully so she got it form Jaipur etc. Ladies come in and the girl asks them to show their legs. Dhaisa and her beendini talk through signals that its not that leg. Meena doubts as what is going on in Dhaisa mind.

Emily takes payal seeing Mohit and goes near him asking to select one. He scolds her saying only hubby-wife select but we are not that. Emily louds her voice saying but his child is growing in her. He shuts her selecting a payal and gives her. Emily feels happy.

Bhabo combing Maasa hair gets few taunts for handling bit rough. Another beendini comes in to give tea which is very hot and she gets scolding as well. Maasa and others hear some loud payal sound saying she likes this kind of payal and wonders who is wearing and roaming later Chavi tells its Emilys.

Maasa sees Emily wearing payal and toe ring. She taunts Sandy saying she is her pet but not to feel bad saying does her friend know about any culture etc.. Asks why is she wearing toe ring for which Emily says she saw Sandy wearing so she also wore. Every one is shocked to see this. Maasa scolds her saying does she even know who wear this and Emily and Sandy are not same. Tells her married people wear toe rings and Emily is unmarried. She some times feel if she is their caste as well or some other caste. Sandy is upset and tensed with this incident. Bhabo worried of outcome.

Maasa going near kitchen sees Emily near food preparation place. Asks her how did she come here. Emily in hurry turns to explains as when she hits her hand to a pot hanging and hot liquid fall on Maasa. Maasa screams which leaves everyone wonder whats happening..

Update Credit to: Ramyaks

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