Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th November 2013 Written Update

Bhabho is doing jaap and Bhabhasa relaxing. Suraj is tense as only half an hour is left. He takes the new clothes for Bhabho-Bhabhasa and keeps it in front of Bhabho so that she can see them when she opens her eyes and Bhabho does notice it. She asks him what it is and Suraj says they have to go for the wedding. Bhabhasa exclaims that he knew some marriage was there when he saw the card and asks Suraj whether he is referring to the same marriage. Suraj affirms it. Bhabho asks him how did he manage to get new clothes for them and he says it is all Sandhya’s arrangement and she will reach the wedding place after pooja. Bhabho is still not okay to attend the wedding as they do not know either the bride or the groom’s side. Suraj stammers and could not tell the truth. Bhabhasa convinces Bhabho saying they need to bless the bride and groom and reminds her the importance of blessings of elders. Bhabho reluctantly agrees and scolds Suraj as he and Sandhya knew it all along and did not inform her.

Sandhya and Chathuri are waiting at the temple. Chathuri is anxious but Sandhya comforts her saying Suraj will manage.

Suraj, Bhabho-Bhabhasa are coming to the temple in a cart. Suraj hurries the cart driver to be fast. Bhabho taunts why is he so tense and she has no seen him that way.

Pandit asks Sandhya to call groom as muhurat is running. Chathuri is waiting at the door of the temple looking for Suraj, Bhabho and Bhabhasa.

Suraj asks the cart driver to make it fast and Bhabho again taunts him why to hurry as if he is the groom and muhurat is running out. They reach the temple. Suraj pays the driver who tells he has no change and Suraj tells him to keep the change. Bhabho is surprised. The temple is at the top of the hill and they climb the hill. Suraj is holding Bhabho’s hand and helping her climb the hill. Finally, Chathuri finds them and runs to Sandhya to inform.

All enter the temple and Bhabho is shocked to see Sandhya in bridal attire. Sandhya looks at Suraj and realizes he has not informed Bhabho. Bhabho asks her what is all this and Sandhya is about to tell but Suraj interrupts and says it is his and Sandhya’s marriage. Bhabho asks what nonsense, they are already married and why this, do they think it is game or entertainment. read full updates daily only at desitv Sandhya says it is her wish to get married again. Bhabho tells her she knows it and only Sandhya can think of such weird things. She tells she is highly disappointed with them and tells marriage is sacred and a life time commitment taken in front of agni after inviting all the devatas through mantras and not child’s play. Sandhya tells Bhabho that that is the reason she wanted to marry again, she wanted to take the vows with Suraj. She tells Bhabho that immediately after her parents death, her brother had arranged for the marriage while she was lost in her sorrow. Though she was present physically during the wedding, she was not mentally present and she had not even listened to the vows. She realized this on the day of Bhabho’s anniversary and now wants to take marriage vows with Suraj fully conscious of it and admittingly. Bhabho listens to her and episode ends.

RM drama: In the house, Emily’s mother gives gifts to Emily. Meena’s mother hints about lunch and Emily asks everyone to have lunch. Emily brings all the items to the table. Meena’s mother asks Meena whether she had prepared all their favorite dishes and Meena could not answer. Emily serves soup and Meena opens other dishes too. Meena’s mother thinks it is nonveg and gets up angrily. Emily explains her it is continental and not nonveg. Meena’s mother shouts at Meena blurting out why she did not prepare the items she had told her yesterday. Meena requests her mother to quiet down. Emily understands all and tells Meena that had she informed her that her mother and sister are visiting them, she would have also prepared their favorite dishes too and on top of that, Meena excused saying she is taking Kanha to clinic. Meena and Sudha convince their mother to taste and if she does not like it, they will cook again. Meena’s mother calms down and tastes the soup and she likes it much. Then, others also have lunch.



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