Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babasa asking Sooraj to take money and go to meet Sandhya. Soorja agrees. The flight takes off. Sandhya is shown in Scotland. The door bell rings. The servant brings something and says this is for you. She says fine and turns to see. She sees Wo Aini written on the cake and is shocked. She says Wo Aini. Sooraj walks to her. She opens the door and sees his back. He turns and she is shocked. Music plays………………. He asks can I come inside. She moves back and he gets inside the room. She pinches herself to see is this really happening. Sooraj feels cold. She sees him and smiles getting tears in her eyes.

Sooraj asks what happened, why are you shocked seeing me. Diya aur baati……………..plays………………….He says I have come to take you, my sunlight is lost, give me my light back, come back in my life. He gives his hand. He asks will you come with me. She smiles and holds his hand. Babasa is annoyed as the spoon falls and breaks his dream. Emily says doctor asked Bhabho to have milk, and she is not taking. Babasa takes it, and tells her his dream. He says he has seen Sooraj wearing black suit, and looking gentleman, and went to meet Sandhya. He says what he did you know, he has given his hand and said come back in my life.

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Bhabho asks then… what did Sandhya says. He says she has held Sooraj’s hand and says she is ready to come with him. He laughs and says its good dream, morning dreams are true. Bhabho says yes,I pray to Lord that this dream gets true. He shows the pic of a modern couple and says I have seen them like this. Sooraj comes to them. They see him upset. Sooraj returns the money and says sorry, I can’t go Scotland. Babasa asks why. Sooraj says I have much work here for Bhabho and the shop, I decided I won’t go. He leaves for his shop. Emily looks on.

Babasa says what happened to him, Sooraj is not going abroad, he was restless for Sandhya, whats going on in his heart. Emily says she feels Sooraj wants to move on in his life now, I feel he decided to leave Sandhya, so he has wore kurta today, and reminds them that Sandhya made him wear shirt pant, and he has left that habit. Bhabho says Sooraj will always have Sandhya in her heart. Emily does facial to a lady and returns some money back. Mohit sees this and asks why did she give 100rs back, is she your friend. Emily says no, she is old customer, and in some difficulty, she has cancer. Mohit is shocked and says sorry.

She says yes, some people fight with it bravely and live life smiling on their conditions. She asks did she do wrong. He says no, you did right. He gets an idea and tells Emily. He says we can get Bhabho’s forgiveness and also Chavi’s house will not break. Emily is shocked and says its wrong, what if any problem happens. He says nothing will happen, its perfect plan. He leaves. Sooraj works at the shop. Chotu comes there hurt and Sooraj takes him to doctor.

Mohit meets Dilip and Pushpa, and lies to them saying Chavi has cancer. They are shocked. Emily supports Mohit in his lie. Dilip asks what nonsense, Chavi was fine, what happened to her. Emily cries and says Chavi was not well, she told us many times that she does not like, she feels weak and did not tell you. She says when Mohit and I found out, we took her to doctor, and we came to know it. Mohit says I know its not easy to believe our words, and shows some fake reports. Dilip is shocked and shows it to Pushpa. Emily says we are lucky that its first stage of cancer, and she will get treated by good medicines, and she needs you to recover.

She says Chavi will recover soon if she is happy. She requests them to accept Chavi and forgive her. Pushpa says he is right, we will come to their home and bring Chavi back, I will call Bhabho and inform them that they are coming to take Chavi. Babasa tells what doctor said for Chotu, he has to take rest. Chotu says I even have one pending exam, how will I write with broken hand, I promised Sandhya that I will pass, I have to fulfill it.

Chotu asks Mohit to write his exam. Sooraj agrees to write his exam. Bhabho says Sooraj is doing this to fulfill Sandhya’s wish.

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