Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking her staff to arrest Pawar. He says I have doing the safety, you can’t arrest me, without any proof. He laughs. The staff asks Sandhya not to do anything against Pawar and give her old bangles. Sandhya keeps it in anger. She sees her phone. Pawar brings sweets for Sandhya. Sandhya says arrest him. Pawar says you are so stubborn, I m giving sweet and you want to arrest me. The staff says on what charges. Pawar says you can’t arrest me without any crime. Sandhya says you did a crime, by bribing a police officer. Pawar says you took this bangles. Sandhya says how will you proof it, you have given the bangles for me. It is in CCTV footage. She argues with him. Pawar says you are framing me, you can’t catch me like this, I did not give you bangles.

Sandhya smiles and says see you proved yourself. She records it in her phone. She says I don’t need any proof to arrest you now. She says law is not blind. Pawar threatens her and says I will bail out soon. Sandhya says I will arrest you now. She asks the staff to bring handcuffs. She arrests him. Sandhya asks him not to think women are weak. Pawar is taken to the lockup. Pawar sees Sandhya and gets angry. Sooraj asks Bhabho what is the matter. Meenakshi tries to hear their talk. Bhabho sees Meenakshi and scolds her. Meenakshi lies. Bhabho asks her to leave and shuts the door on her face. Meenakshi says till she finds out, she will be restless. She gets an idea and smiles.

Sooraj asks Bhabho why is she worried. Meenakshi stands on the cupboard and tries to hear from an air duct. Bhabho asks Sooraj where will Sandhya stay, in our house or in govt quarter. Sooraj is shocked. Bhabho says you should have told me this. Sooraj says its not like this, why are you thinking this. Bhabho tells him that some people came to inform this. She says you both have always hidden things from me. She says I know Sandhya is helpless but tell me now itself. Sooraj says no, else Sandhya should have told me. He says there is a misunderstanding, don’t worry.

Babasa supports Sandhya. Bhabho is angry. She says fine. Sooraj says I will call Sandhya now. Babasa says no, don’t call now, is this a joke, she is on duty, you should not doubt on her always. He asks Bhabho to trust Sandhya and talk to her when she comes home. Sooraj says I will call. Babasa says you will not call her. Meenakshi looks on.

Chavi sees Meenakshi standing and hearing. Meenakshi falls and gets hurt. Bhabho comes there and asks what happened. She sees Meenakshi and the window. She understand what she was doing. Chavi smiles. Bhabho scolds her. Chavib says some govt officials came, see. Bhabho and Sooraj goes to see. Meenakshi also goes to see. Sandhya comes to her cabin and sees her name board. She looks at the chair. She sits and holds a pen. She thinks about her dad and cries. Pawar thinks how he got arrested and thinks Sandhya will have to pay for this.

They tell Bhabho that they brought this trunks by mistake as Sandhya told them that she wants to live with her family here. Everyone are happy. Meenakshi asks them to leave the trunks here as they can use it. Sooraj scolds Meenakshi. Sandhya calls the staff and gives them their resignation orders. They are shocked. She asks them to sign it.

Kavita comes to meet Sandhya and says I got some info about illegal wine in the city.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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