Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with SurYa & thakur pleading Kajiri. Kajiri gives a tough look. Thakur asks her to forget about the past & help his grandson. Kajiri remembers the words of Thakur & ignores them by feeding the well(her son). Thakur tells that he needs her help today & she is the only one to save. SurYa tells its the life of many children. Kajiri remembers how she pleaded him & hhow he insulted her by caste’s name. Kajiri says its badla(revenge). SAys time has come now fr her & tells that he could have saved her son & didnt listen to her plea. Thakur says that she is right & says he is ready to fall at her feet & asks to save his only varis. Kajiri tells that her son was too. Thakur cries & tells that he will give anything to her. Kajiri tells ok now he has come as business man & wants her son back. Kajiri tells that for a mom her child is the most precious thing. Thakur & surya stunned. Kajiri asks her son back. Thakur falls at her feet.

Kajiri tells that she did the same before. Sandy tells that life for a life can’t be asked. Suraj tells that children are equal to god & asks her to save them & not to punish them for these village rules sake. Suraj tells they are mausoom(tender). Kajs tells that her son was too. Why should she save them when they didn’t save them. Suraj asks sandy to leave & worries abt children’s condition.

Kajs cries here & tells to self No no its the turn of her enemies to cry. Kaj tells that she will not cry today.

Here in haveli(godown) everyone screaming. Surya cries. Sandy sees a pot & takes it & runs towards the well & fetches water. Kaj tell that she will not change & asks her to leave & wants to feed her son at peace. Sandy doesn’t listen to her & fetches water. Kajs notices her. Sandy fills the pot & drags kajs with her. Kajs is stunned.

Everyone is screaming as the children suffer badly. SAndy asks everyone to make way. Kajs shouts at her & asks her why she made her come here. Sandy pours water on the heads of the parents saying that consider that their children died. Everyone shocked incl kajs. Kajs remebers her scene when she screamed when some ladies poured water on her. Thakur tells that he will not allow anything to happen to vishnu. Bhabho asks what is this to sandy. Sandy continues her work with tears in her eyes & breaks the pot (anthim sanskaar). Kajs is moved a bit. Thakur’s wife screams & everyone too (sandy was excellent). Kajs tells stop keeping her hand on her head. She couldn’t tolerate

Break Precap: sandy advising kajs

Kajs shouts at sandy why she is doing all these. SAndy replies why why. Tells that she was expecting this right. Mouth ka badla mouth. Adds that kajs wanted this everyone crying for their children. Children scream help. Sandy tells same will happen today too & kajs should be happy abt this & What is the diff btw the villagers & her & her revenge is fulfilled today & today is very happy moment for her & asks her to forget abt these children’s sufferings & asks her to celebrate, Bhabhasa & thakur begs. Kajs look at the children & cries out Stop loud. Asks suraj to bring her rope & stuffs. Suraj runs.

Break: Kaj tells sandy that she is scared that whether she can do it as she has left this work after her son’s death.

Wow wonderful dialogues Sandy kaj rocked & suraj & others with their expressions

In pushkar hospital

Meena resting on bed. Feels that she gave birth to a child calls nurse & sees tag of 5 & sees 6 on Dhaisa’s DIL tag 6. MEena listens to doctor saying that children are in another ward. MEena moves to see her son
KAjs tells that she is scared & can’t do it as she has stopped doing it after her son’s death. & worries its ok if its jus peerformance but its the matter of children’s life. Suraj encourages her to do by saying thata tru performer never forgets their art. Asks her to save the children. Kajs look at him Episode ends there itself

Precap: KAjs going on the rope. Her stick(long one )falls into the daldal(pond)

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