Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya leaving to find the babies. Ankur apologizes to Babasa and says he argued with Bhabho, and did not care for Vansh, he wish he controlled his anger. Babasa says no, don’t blame yourself, it was not by any bad feelings, it was love for Vansh and anger was natural. He says we will do anything to get babies back. Ankita says Sooraj called and said they found the kidnappers place. Ankur says we will also go there. He sees Bhabho crying and apologizes to her. Bhabho says its fine, it was my mistake too, we should find babies soon, I can’t get peace till I take them in my lap. They all leave.

The lady gets the call and comes to know that police is finding them and she should take babies and leave the city. She tells the man that they have to take babies and leave, and they can use babies as shield and even kill them to save themselves. They take babies and start leaving. Sandhya and her staff come there and try to find the thieves and babies. Sandhya sees them and calls out Kohli. She runs after them to stop them. The man says run fast. Sooraj and everyone are on the way. They ask Ankur to drive faster. Ankur says we are reaching.

Sandhya sees the man and woman having one baby each and thinks which one to get. She runs after the woman seeing her slow speed. Ankur’s car hits the woman. She falls along with the baby and everyone is stunned. They all cry and go to see the baby. Sandhya takes the baby and cries. The lady dies and bleeds. Sandhya sees the baby fine and they all get relieved. Sandhya and Sooraj take the baby and smile. The baby cries. Sandhya says my baby and hugs him.

Sooraj gives baby to Bhabho. Bhabho checks the hands and legs, is he fine or any wound. She thanks Lord that he did not get hurt. She says if anything happened to him, she would have died. Ankur says where is Vansh and worries. Ankita cries for Vansh. Sooraj and Bhabho ask for Vansh. Sandhya says the man took him, I was running after them and then a point came when they ran in two directions and I came after the woman. She says they will get him, she will find.

Kohli comes there and she asks him about Vansh. Kohli is silent. She asks him where is the old man and Vansh. He says we followed the man till long but.. she asks what but, did he get caught. He says we were catching him, but he jumped down a cliff. They get stunned. Kohli tells them how the man jumped off the cliff. Bhabho says this can’t happen. They all cry and Sandhya sits in shock crying. Sooraj hugs her and cries. Ankur hugs Ankita and they cry for Vansh.

10 year old Ved tells a essay on his dad. Sandhya and Bhabho smile. He says he will become like her. Sandhya thinks she has to make Sooraj’s identity for him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kill ankur !!!!

  2. story take leap 5 to 7 years. but ved is 10 years .what a bakwas !!!!!!

  3. it is only promo , this is not part of main show.

  4. Ha ha ha… can’t stop laughing. …
    One of the twin baby not belong to Rathi family or kotari family. .he orphan. ..
    Missed twin babie will be killed in Sandhya’s hand in 2500 episode

    1. I mean 1 of the missed twin babie will become gang star..and in situation where vanish try to kill ved…so sandhya kills vanish to ved…
      This will be the nly track to continue the show

  5. Really crap….
    I think the baby that is saved is Vansh not Ved!!

  6. I also think so tt

  7. No coz didnt they say they’re not identical??

  8. stupid story lines – one twin given away to make spoiled prat happy – and not even Sandya couldn’t find her baby?????? years just jumped !!

  9. Vansh will have survived and will be identified in some coincidental storyline,then the fight of his parental responsibility will start again, by, ankur, so so predictable

  10. Jeyam Ramachandran

    The director did not say any behind this kidnap. Who were the kidnappers? Why did they kidnap the kids? There’s no sense or rationality in this scene. One thing is certain. The serial will be rubbered until Sandhya becomes a nani and spectators become extinct.

  11. Ridiculous story sence

  12. The episode seemed very filmy but at least it was something better than what we have been watching for the past 5 days. It felt good not to see the baby with the silly Ankur n family. They are the most ridiculous lot. Pls eliminate these characters after the leap. I hope DABH would go back to its old glory post the leap. Pls focus on realistic and interesting storyline.

  13. Hijack stretch then unnecessarily sandhya casted out and bulbul crap. .. Ufff director ko lakwa Mar gaya hai kya and who the crack fellow s the writer…. Is this a level of 9 pm show n tht too of star plus.. .saath nibhana saathiya leap kya kam bakwaas hai jo ab yeh serial bhi leap… yaar this serial was hit coz of sandhya n her feats as police… But now it will become hocus pocus n full of nonsense stuffs… END THE SHOW IF U HAVE BRAINS

  14. The story like a cinema… missing twin become gag star and sandhya kill

    please end the story…
    my suggestion sandhya to find out why the babies kindnapped..

  15. Finally.. twin drama ended with.. twin babie missing..
    Now wat will this ankitha and ankur do…and especially bulbul shit..
    Now bulbul ask Sandhya’s baby 😛

    Nxt drama will be leap. ..

  16. Even a gread 5 child do not think like d writer of this seriel thinks. He’s sooooooooooo stupid & 0% creative, intelligent

  17. Separated at Birth…….. one hero and one villain

  18. now Wat about bulbul how thy managed???? stupidity

  19. What a annoying serial it has been!

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