Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya sayingsorry, I will help you, I did not know you are under the table. Maasa calls out Bhabho. Bhabho gets tea and drops it in shock. They get Maasa’s head out of the box. Chavi asks Chandni how did she get Sandhya’s name badge. Chandni says I have seen her uniform in my room, so I took the badge, Maasa and Bhabho are teaching Sandhya how to cook. Chavi thinks so halwai training is going on there. Emily calls out Chavi asking is she still here. Chavi says yes. She gives some money to Chandni and asks her to go and have icecream, don’t tell anyone about stealing this badge, else police will come and take you, give this badge to me, I will keep it safe. Chandni thanks her and goes.

Maasa gets angry. Bhabho says Sandhya does not know this work, so she does some mistake. Maasa asks her not to become Sandhya’s lawyer, Sandhya challenged pujari, will she win like this. Maasa tells her that you had training for police duty for 11 months, and you reached the top, but cooking is not easy, and time is very less, just 14 days are there, you left police duty too, you will fall many time, you have to get up and walk, and not lose. She scolds Bhabho and Sandhya, and goes to have bath.

Chavi goes to Sooraj. He asks how are you. She says you have limited to this room, you don’t know whats happening, you always supported Bhabho and Sandhya, they took such a big decision and did not tell you. He asks what. She says decision to leave the dreams, I heard that Sandhya left her IPS job, she resigned. He asks what nonsense, you know I m unwell, don’t joke. Chavi asks him to see video, and shows Maasa talking to Sandhya. Chavi says if you don’t believe, see this badge. He gets shocked. He shouts and asks her to leave. She goes.

Sooraj cries and recalls Chavi’s words. He thinks of Sandhya saying her dream. He recalls Sandhya’s journey of becoming an IPS officer, how Bhabho agreed for Sandhya’s dreams, Sandhya’s IPS training, how she became an IPS officer, her struggles, winning best cadet trophy, her brave service and her resignation. He shouts no, this is a lie. He says no, this can’t happen, its my promise I won’t let you leave your dreams.

Bhabho pacifies Sandhya. Sandhya cries and says Maasa did not say wrong, I have to work hard, teach me cooking all night today. Bhabho says yes, but you need rest, you are pregnant. Sandhya says I will take care of baby, you teach me everything at night, please. Bhabho says go and change now. Sandhya wears her uniform and comes to room. Sooraj looks at her. She takes her clothes and goes to change. He says I think you got new case today, you got late. She says nothing special. He says then you would have gone to visit doctor for your checkup. She says no, I will go tomorrow. He asks her to open the drawer and check. She sees her badge and gets worried. She recalls wearing uniform in hurry and not getting her badge. Bhabho says it will be here, we will come tomorrow and get it, Sooraj will be waiting, come. Sandhya says fine, we will tell Maasa and leave. FB ends.

He says I think you forgot badge in hurry. She says no, I…. He asks are you not getting shame to lie, how long will you lie, I got to know you left your job. She drops the badge.

Sooraj asks Sandhya to go and take her resignation back. She cries and says I thought well and took this decision, I can’t take it back. He says I m not with you, but I m against you.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Richa

    guyssss chk yesterday’supdate page i have posted some spoilers linkss hope they arent much old 🙂 tc

  2. sooraj is right…sandhya should not leave her job her dream.she could have found some other ways to manage the situation

  3. I think sandhya should also take back her job but until after the pujari work done

  4. As there was no stuff they displayed the old scenes for about 10 minutes.thus killing the time. So the director is simply beating about the bush as he finds a vacuum in his brain. It’s advisable to come to an end and start a fresh story.

  5. How can Suraj have flashbacks of events he wasn’t present for, lol…these directors /creators never cease to amaze me

  6. I was thinking the same that how come Suraj knows everything when he doesn’t know anything about her training it’s so stupid

  7. Okay Episode
    Emotional too
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes

  8. sandhya tell everything to sooraj what can happened in training I can see the episodes she tells every day what can happened in training

    1. still don’t make sense for him to have flashbacks of the exact happenings even if she told him about it.

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