Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dilip saying he will send divorce papers to Chavi. Babasa apologizes to him and says he will apologize to his parents too. Dilip says I respect you, but I can’t give Chavi any other chance, a mother can teach selfless love, so a mother is more than Lord, and this woman has insulted my mother, she made fun of her, and separated me with my mum, all this for her selfish motives. Chavi cries. Dilip says even I m responsible, as I m also part of her sins. Chavi says I know I did big sin, you can punish me, but don’t leave me. She says whatever she did was to stay with him, as she loves him a lot. Dilip says lie, no one matters to you, just your selfish things matter to you.

Babasa requests him not to break this relation. Dilip says sorry, you don’t advice me on joining on breaking relations, what did you do, you kicked out your bahu from home, who did not do any mistake, who has proved herself as ideal wife, what did you do, just said one decision and not heard her, she came here and gave you more respect that your children, she has done a lot for you which your children won’t have not done, she was doing duty of being a police officer, she was also someone’s daughter and sister, but you all did not give her second chance, and when its about your daughter, you are folding hands. He says sorry and leaves.

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Sooraj makes Bhabho sit. Babasa says Chavi’s house has broken, our sons have ashamed us. They cry. Bhabho says yes and tells about her respect and her wish to unite the family, and her family has broken now. Babasa realizes his mistake for blaming Sandhya, as their own blood has become black today, our daughter came back to us, this is our punishment. Bhabho says I regard myself wrong, as I have not supported Sandhya, I have kicked our Meenakshi when she did mistake, but not my sons. She says Sandhya was not wrong. Babasa says yes, we have done injustice, a big sin, where to find Sandhya, she has gone very far from us.

Babasa says sorry Sandhya, we did a big mistake. Chavi apologizes to Bhabho and cries. Bhabho says you are not getting punished, its pointing to my upbringing. Chavi says no, I have hurt your heart, but you are not wrong. Bhabho says she would have not forgiven her, if she was in Pushpa’s place. Emily tells Mohit that Meenakshi has gone to her mum’s house, and now Babasa will punish us. He says Ankur will be after me in office, think how to get saved. She asks can we still win their hearts. He asks her to take care of Bhabho, she is our mum, till when will she stay annoyed.

Chotu comes looking for Sooraj and meets Babasa. He says his maths paper was good, he answered everything well. Bhabho says don’t know how will Sooraj live now. Babasa thinks about Sooraj. Babasa comes to Sooraj and gives him money, asking him to meet Sandhya where she is. Sooraj is shocked.

Babasa tells Bhabho that he has told Sooraj to get Sandhya back and he agreed. Bhabho is glad.

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  1. Super episode .but sandhya is not go to the scot . She is live puskar.because sandy give the kidney for babho.yes it is true.suraj understand the secret and love more sandhya.plz where are u come and show u r face babayma.

  2. dilip’s words to babasa r liking beating with shoes on his cheek..
    gud dilip…when one gets pain dn only he gona knw what might have others babasa too got to knw as his own daughtr is in worst state so to sort their pbmz back he’s puting presure on suraj dat he did mistake etc drama………
    wheree did their ethics go when they have kicked out sandy?
    huh cheap people

  3. Waiting for kidney drama will be solved soon without hurting Sandhya Ji’s career. In order to be IPS officer or mother of child, she has to be healthy.

    But story writer might have not thought that it is not necessary. The upcoming episode may tell us, Sandhya ji has donated her kidney. She would continue as an IPS office and she would be a mother in the future.

  4. New Promo:
    Sandhya is in her room doing something near table. TV screen is on, telecasting Republic Day Awards. They announce the award for police officers who handled hijack case. Next scene, Suraj appears on screen and tells that he wants to speak to Sandhya wherever she is. Sandhya is shocked listening to it.

    1. Good imagination.

    2. 31 th january

  5. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Sooraj is a fool to have discarded Sandya for no fault of her.Meenakshi’s basic trains have not yet been changed after her sufferings. The director still depends upon Meenakshi ‘s villainy to drag the story further. He knows how to pull on the story for two more years.

  6. sooraj is bitch,devil,pig,selfish,brutas,selfrespectless,mad,lazy,disespected person.

  7. sandhya so good person …
    menakshi should sent out from rathi family with mohit

  8. No sandy should nt b d doner of kidney….

  9. Without sandhya show is bore. Dragging too much. It should end withgood morale

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