Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Vikram at his shop. Meena tells him that she saw SurYa being happy in their mansion. She adds that she has to inform it to bhabo & Vikram stops her & asks her to concentrate on her work. Meena sees Bhabo coming out of RM & thinks that the work is getting done without her knowledge. Bhabo looks at SurYa living happily. Bhabo is on ire. Meena is happy with that & thanks god. Bhabo asks the knife sharpener to sharpen the knife more. Meena tells emily that she heard her voice but adds that how can she get such voice from their house as they have lost all their happiness. Bhabo is worried. But silently gives the money to the worker & asks meena to be careful while handling the knife…
Dhaisa comes there & asks bhabo what is

she hearing & adds that she can’t believe unless she tells the truth. Adds that the women are talking that Suraj went out of the house. She tells that she can never believe that Shravan kumar Suraj went beyond his mother & asks bhabo to shut the mouth of the women. Bhabo is shocked as Dhaisa pressurises to deny such rumours. Bhabo starts telling that what they heard is tru… But Suraj comes & interrupts by saying that what they heard is only half truth & asks how can live without his mom. He adds that whether a part from the body can stay separately & raises the same to everyone. MEena is worried whether bhabo would call Surya back within 15 days. Dhaisa asks what about 15 days & asks what is the reason behind. Suraj tells that there is one reason & adds that sandy is going to appear in one exam after 15 days & tells that when she passes she will be back. Meena thinks that Suraj managed it well by not telling lie but by hiding the truth. Dhaisa asks what??? Suraj tells that all these are part of sandy’s challenge. One of the ladies tells that she has never seen such kind of separation for the good of the family & tells that sandy will win this time too. Meanwhile meena looks at mishri…

Everyone leave & bhabo tells Surya that she would never call them back & adds that she kept quiet only because no one can mock the relationship of a mother and son & kept mum about the truth that he went for his wife. Meena tells suraj that bhabo is very strong about her words. Suraj shuts her mouth by telling that he has the confidence.
Meena makes faces as SurYa leaves.

Emily is doing some work & mohit doing something with his mobile. Vikram asks someone to provide tea for him. Meena offers him tea & Vikram asks her what happened to her as she is giving him tea. She also gives him a list in which Vikram looks at the expenses & wonders 4300… Meena tells that he must give money for this. Meena tells him that he should not give the full money & adds that the other son should contribute too. Asks Vikram to ask money from Mohit. Vikram thinks that she is right & goes on to ask Mohit & shows him the bill which bhabo bought & asks him to give the half of the amount. Mohit asks what? & why should he give???.. Meena tells that it is the first teej of Emily & expenses increased. Mohit tells that every year they does that … Vikram tells that Suraj has left the house. Mohit tells that Suraj is only near by & he would ask Suraj & he will do that… Meena signs Vikram not to accept for this. And tells Mohit that they doesn’t know whether suraj will accept to this or not & it is better to share the expenses by both itself.Sandy tells suraj that she tried her best to make food like bhabo but wonders why it didn’t even look like that. Suraj tells that she did a good job. Sandy asks him whether he is trying to keep her happy by saying that. Suraj then asks her whether she bought the vessel. Sandy shows him the vessel & suraj gets shocked. Asks her whether she weighed & bought the vessel. Sandy tells that she bought it so & it is exactly 5 kgs…

While arguing with each other Vikram & mohit tears the bill. Meena gets shocked. Then Meena asks emily to give money from those gift money which they got during the wedding & whenever they earn back they can replace it… Momily get shocked… Bhabo looks at all these happenings from the balcony and is showing a stern face…

Precap: One person informs Suraj about something & both SurYa leave to the bank immediately by rickshaw. Meena overhears this & follows them in another rickshaw…

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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