Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahendra explaining the rules of the round. Prem thinks how will he cheat and then plans to outdo others. Mahendra says this is final selection round and just top players will get place in the kabaddi team. He says this is do or die situation, best of luck. Meenakshi asks Bhabho is she not well and taunts Chavi. He says she will talk to Chavi and ask her to marry. Sandhya says she will not force Chavi. Meenakshi tells about a good proposal and asks Bhabho to see the guy’s pic.

Bhabho asks does she know the guy. Meenakshi says he is good guy, Chavi can’t say no, so I called the guy and his family today, we should not refuse them. Bhabho says fine, do good arrangements and also asks Sandhya. Prem asks Lakhan why is he happy, its not easy. Lakhan says I have practice about this, and its easy for him. Prem thinks what to do now. Lakhan asks her why is he tensed. Watan smiles and says he has self confidence, and Avinash too is confident. Babban and Sooraj also have a talk.

The round starts and Prem does not get any ball. Prem gets worried and thinks what to do. He imagines Aditi taking back the flower from him and gets a ball. He puts it in basket. Everyone put the balls in the basket. Mahendra whistles. Prem says its 15 points, we got saved. Chavi comes to Emily and asks who are the guests. Emily says they are Meenakshi’s relatives and goes to give them snacks. They like Emily. Meenakshi says no, she is bahu, Chavi is the daughter. Chavi asks whats happening. Meenakshi asks does she not know this.

Chavi gets shocked seeing the guy and knowing about the proposal. Bhabho is shocked seeing the guy very older than Chavi. Sooraj and Avinash play well and have equal scores. Bhabho thanks the people and says she will inform them on phone. They leave. Meenakshi asks Bhabho did she like the guy. Bhabho scolds her for showing wrong pic of the guy and bringing different one. Meenakshi says she had 10 year old pic. Chavi scolds Meenakshi. Meenakshi taunts her back for her second marriage. Bhabho gets angry on Meenakshi. Meenakshi apologizes and says world says so to second marriage girls.

Sooraj and Avinash play against each other. Babban does not get any ball and say he will not lose. Aditi asks him to use his mind. He baskets a ball. Avinash thinks its just 2mins remaining now and he has to win, he has to do something as Sooraj’s score is more than him. He stops Sooraj from putting the ball and makes him fall. They both get the same ball and fight for it. The ball falls down.

Aditi says many people disappointed her and some has played very well, they have stunned her, and says she will announce the top 10 players, and they are….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kamana
    Sharma as
    sister [as villain]

  2. Hum ,
    Sooraj (Anas Rashid) is working hard
    for Kabaddi tournament, while his
    wife Sandhya (Deepika Singh) is
    trying hard to save Sooraj’s hotel
    plot that has been occupied illegally
    by some unknown people. In the
    meantime, Chavi, who had been to
    Mumbai for pursuing fashion
    designing course, is back home.
    Sandhya, who is with Zakir, reveals
    that her nanad Chavi is back home
    after five years. She is now a
    successful fashion designer. Zakir
    sees Chavi’s selfie picture that was
    sent to Sandhya and is surprised to
    see her changed looks. At the same
    time, he sees few men following
    her and shows the same to
    Sandhya. We will have to wait and
    watch to see how Zakir and
    Sandhya save Chavi from the
    goons. Chavi and Emily bond well
    with Zakir. Emily, who is not in good
    terms with her husband Mohit, was
    also forced for second marriage by
    Meenakshi. But Emily ignores. Now
    that Emily too is seen bonding well
    with Zakir, can we expect a love
    triangle here?
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  3. Time pass episode…. One side players selection and the other side husband selection 😀

    1. ??very well said dude ?

  4. Husband selection lolz….hahahaha

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